Leadership / Supervisory and Management Programs
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Leadership / Supervisory and Management Programs

Achieving your Leadership potential
This course bridges the widening gap between what is needed and required of today‘s leaders. A three-step process–Diagnose, Plan, and Execute–helps learners stretch their capabilities and accelerate their leadership development.

Adaptive Leadership
Adaptive Leadership raises leaders‘ awareness of the differences among people and situations.

Boosting Business Results
This final course in the series teaches leaders a proactive, strategic process they can apply to leverage their leadership skills so that business objectives can be realized. Leaders identify a project or task that will require the effective use of newly learned leadership skills to achieve or enhance success.

Building Trust
In this course, leaders learn how to avoid the trust traps and take action to create an environment in which people take risks, identify and solve problems, and work together to create and sustain high levels of trust.

Building Winning Partnerships
This course helps leaders identify their role in establishing alliances among work groups, management, customers and suppliers.

Setting Performance Expectations
This course helps leaders drive performance and accountability by helping people understand what is expected of them and gaining their commitment to achieving it.

Coaching for Improvement
This course helps leaders conduct effective improvement discussions and provide the feedback and ongoing support people need to improve performance.

Coaching for Success
This course develops leaders who help people achieve goals and avoid problems. They learn a proven coaching process that ensures they identify coaching opportunities, provide needed coaching and support, observe performance, and measure results until the desired outcomes are achieved. They learn how coaching for success benefits individuals, strengthens work groups, and supports company objectives and priorities.

Conducting Performance Reviews
This course helps leaders drive performance and accountability by replacing the “dread” of performance reviews with the “human touch” that builds trusting relationships with the people who report to them.

Developing Others
This course provides leaders, coaches and mentors with a practical process and the skills necessary to develop talent.

Delegating for Results
In this course, leaders overcome their hesitation for delegation by learning skills for successfully matching people, responsibility, and authority.

Empowering Leader
This workshop helps leaders identify areas to focus on in building empowerment in their work groups and the organization.

Essential Interviewing Skills
This course teaches participants how to interview for the behaviors, knowledge, and motivations that are needed to be successful in a job.

Influential Leadership
Influential Leadership helps leaders get their good ideas heard, accepted, and enacted.

Leading High Performance Teams
This course provides team leaders with the tools and skills to perform three primary responsibilities—diagnose, coach and reinforce—that support their team’s growth.

Motivating Others
Leaders learn how to proactively create an environment in which people are highly motivated to perform. Participants learn the three factors that affect the motivation of employees—focused work, interpersonal support, and individual value. They emerge with both a plan of specific actions and the skills needed to build group and individual motivation.

Optimizing Team Performance
This course will help you establish and maintain high-performance teams.

Retaining Talent
This course helps leaders understand their critical role in retaining organizational talent.

Reviewing Performance Progress
This course helps leaders drive performance and accountability by replacing the “dread” of performance reviews with the “human touch” that builds trusting relationships with the people who report to them.

Supporting Leadership Development
This course is designed specifically for the managers of leaders being trained in Interaction Management.