Lean-Flow for Health Care
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Lean-Flow for Health Care

What you will learn

Based on the key concepts of multiple Process Management Systems, Lean-Flow health care shows how to fundamentally restructure organizations and effectively balance costs, quality, and patient access to excellent care. Lean-Flow focuses on eliminating wasteful activities that contribute to cost but provide no real value to the patient, and also simplifies complex processes. Instead of traditional cost-cutting strategies which target reductions in value-added areas (people, equipment, hospital beds, services, etc.) Because non-value added activities comprise 99% of health care costs, opportunities are everywhere.

By applying Lean-Flow principles, Health care systems can increase profits by serving more people at less cost. Typical benefits include:

  • More people-patients served means better utilization of assets and resources such as expensive technology-equipment, skilled medical personnel, and hospital beds.
  • Documentation and billing processes are improved.
  • Patient satisfaction improves.
  • Streamlined admissions.
  • Shorter office visits; less waiting.
  • Next day appointments (mammograms, out patient surgery, etc.).
  • Reduced errors or delays in testing and treatment.


What are people saying about Lean-Flow for Health Care? Here is some feedback we have received:

"5S is interesting. Healthcare has a lot to offer to 5S."

"It was very worthwhile. I can hardly wait to start a project!"

"Great presentation. The day went fast. The activities were wonderful!"

"It showed ways to make our jobs go (or flow) better."

"It made me take a second look at the way we do our throughput."

"Ties in with NPI we currently have implemented. We all need to take responsibility to make a better culture that works more positively as a team…whole hospital needs this training!!"

"Lean-Flow workshop is an excellent way for large corporation employees to think like a small new business. Everyone helps out; everyone is concerned about the bottom line."

Lean-Flow Certification for Health Care

Lean-Flow for Health Care has continued to make inroads with better efficiencies, lowering of costs and great revenue opportunities; helping the industry be better prepared for the onslaught of the Baby Boomers. This (September) we will be offering the “new” Lean-Flow Certification for Health Care. For the past two years we have been offering manufacturing and businesses Lean-Flow Certification on demand training, which has been well received, and we see Lean-Flow Certification for Health Care as another important step in creating Lean-Flow Champions, who help drive the continued improvements needed in health care.

Lean-Flow Certification for Health Care

 For more information, contact:

Sharon Blomgren