Quickbooks Course
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Quickbooks Course

Most entrepreneurs find this course helpful in keeping good records of their business, allowing them to follow their business plan to success. This course is offered in the evening, so the busy entrepreneur will find this course available when they are. Pick up the latest version of QuickBooks; find how easy it is for you to track, bill and printout your statements.

Course details are as follows:

Table of Contents

Unit 1: Getting started
Topic A: Introducing QuickBooks 2004
Topic B: Getting Help and closing QuickBooks

Unit 2: Setting up a new company
Topic A: Introducing the EasyStep Interview
Topic B: Setting up income and expenses
Topic C: Entering opening balances

Unit 3: Working with lists
Topic A: Introducing the Chart of Accounts
Topic B: Managing customers and vendors
Topic C: Working with the Item List
Topic D: Adding custom fields

Unit 4: Working with business forms
Topic A: Creating invoices and credit memos
Topic B: Sales receipts and customer payments
Topic C: Purchase orders and inventory
Topic D: Finding completed forms

Unit 5: Banking and billing activities
Topic A: Writing and printing checks
Topic B: Managing bank account transactions
Topic C: Entering and paying bills
Topic D: Introduction to payroll

Unit 6: Working with reports and budgets
Topic A: Generating reports and graphs
Topic B: Setting up budgets

Unit 7: Protecting and backing up data
Topic A: Protecting and sharing data
Topic B: Backing up data

QuickBooks:  4 (2 hours each) sessions on QuickBooks (Intro & overview) are being offered here at Customized Training & Consulting, starting on Monday, July 16th from 7:30AM until 9:30 AM, then continuing Wednesday, July 18th, Monday, July 23rd, and finishing up on Wednesday, July 25th all at same times (*)

Investment for this 8 hour hands-on training and all materials $ 255.00

(*) minimum number of five people registered to hold the class.  If unable to obtain the needed number, class will be pushed out a few week more in order to attain the target participants, with all previously registered, informed weekly of the class status.  Call me personally to register or to ask a question.

For more information, contact:

Heather McGannon
Phone: 651.403.4118
Fax: 651.228.4338
E-mail Heather McGannon