Mobile Printing
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Mobile Printing

Enrolled students may send print jobs to campus GoPrint stations from their personal devices, including smartphones, laptops and tablets. Their GoPrint student account will be charged accordingly. Go to

Available Printing Methods

Students have four options for mobile printing:

  1. Using Email
  2. Select the Printer Link below for the printer/copier you want to use to print your document. This will allow you to send an email of your print job to the release station of the device. Color printing is only available in the Library location.

    GoPrint Station Location Printer Link
    Learning Commons / Library Library, Black & White
    Library, Color
    Open Computer Lab (Room 3215) Room 3225, Black & White
    ​Open Computer lab (Room 3115) ​Room 3115, Black & White
    Writing Center (Room 3165) Room 3165, Black & White
    Open Computer Lab (Room 909)
    CLC Building, 317 Marshall Avenue
    Room 909, Black & White
  3. Using the Web Portal
  4. Print jobs can be sent using the PrinterOn online portal. This is achieved by uploading the document to the PrinterOn website, then releasing it at the selected GoPrint station.

  5. Using the PrinterOn Mobile App
  6. Students may download the FREE PrinterOn Mobile App from any app store. The app is available for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Kindle and Nook.

  7. Using the PrintWhere Driver
  8. Students may download and install the PrintWhere print driver on their personal laptops or tablets. This driver allows you to install a universal printer driver on your Windows-based device. (This option is not available for smartphones or Apple devices).

Frequently Asked Questions

View the Student Mobile Printing FAQ if you have questions.

If you would like more information or assistance, contact the IT Helpdesk: