Saving and Opening Documents
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Saving and Opening Documents

Saint Paul College offers network storage to all faculty and staff. Faculty and Staff should save and store all their College data on their home(H:) drive or in their department's SharePoint site.

Your home drive (H:) and SharePoint sites are

  • More secure than your hard drive (C:) or flash drive (E:) because it is protected by your password and backed-up nightly.
  • Convenient because you can access files saved there from any networked PC on campus or when using Remote Desktop off campus.

Accessing Remote Desktop and your files off campus

Saving files to your home drive (H:)

  1. Create the document
  2. Click the File menu
  3. Click Save As
  4. Click the pull down menu of the Save in box.
  5. Click your home directory. Yours should be username on Storage2 (H:).
  6. Click in File Name box
  7. Type in a filename name. You can use underlines or hyphens in place of spaces.
  8. Click Save
  9. The document is now saved to your home directory (H:)

To open the file for revision from a computer on the YCP network:

  1. Double click My Computer
  2. Double click Your username on Storage2 (H:)
  3. Double click filename

To save the revision:

  1. Click File in the menu bar
  2. Click Save
  3. Or click the Save icon in the standard toolbar.