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Student FAQs

How do I connect to the wireless network?

Find the (SPCWNA) student wireless network. Connect to the network on your laptop. Then launch a browser. You will be taken to a Saint Paul College login page. Use the same username and password for this login as you do to login to your email account. Your username is usually a combination of your last name and first initial, along with a number. For example, if your name were Bruce Wayne, your Username might be; WayneB01.

How do I access my email?

You can login to your Outlook Live student email by going to: Student Email

What should I do before connecting my computer to the SPC network?

  • You should make sure your computer is up to date
    • Make sure your computers Operating System is up to date and you have installed all security patches
    • Make sure all your installed software is up to date
  • You should have antivirus and anti-malware software installed and updated
  • Your SPC portal username and password to login into the wireless

What if I don't have antivirus software?

You should use reputable antivirus software tools such as:

  • Trend Micro (available for student discount… more information)
  • Symantec Antivirus - One of the most known tools
  • AVG free edition - This is a well known antivirus tool that has a free addition for home users and a more robust pay for version
  • Spybot Search & Destroy - Free malware tool
  • Malwarebytes - Free malware tool

Are there policies I should know about using the SPC wireless network?

Access to the wireless network on campus carry the same rights and responsibilities as a wired connection and of the use of campus computers.  Please refer to the Computer Usage Policy for more information.

How do I print on campus?

See our How-to on: Student Printing

Where can I get help?

For help with all IT related questions you can visit us in the Tech Center (room 1470), email ITHelpdesk, or call us @ 651.846.1440.

How can I backup my files?

Students have two places.

  • Each students Outlook Live student email also comes with a sky drive. The SkyDrive gives 25gb of storage through your student email account. For more information on the SkyDrive click here
  • Students also receive a network drive (H: drive) on the Campus network. This network drive can be used to store class work and is accessible from any college computer.

Why do I have so many accounts?

You have one primary account which you can use to (1) log into the computers on campus, (2) log into your student e-mail on, and to (3) log on to the SPCWNA student wireless network. You'll use the same username and password for each of these areas. Your username is usually a combination of your last name and first initial, along with a number. For example, if your name were Bruce Wayne, your Username might be; WayneB01. You would use this, along with your password to …

  • Log on to the student Wireless network (spcwna) on your laptop
  • Log on to the Computers on campus (with the "Log on to" field set to Mail)
  • Log into your Outlook Live e-mail account on You must type in your entire e-mail address when signing in; example:

Why do I have separate user accounts for D2L and the Saint Paul College eService's registration site?

Both the D2L & the E-Services login pages require your 8 digit student ID # as a username. Both of these Login pages are supported & maintained by MnSCU, separate from Saint Paul College, and they have different logon requirements. We connect to these sites through links via

If you're having trouble logging into D2L and need assistance, please contact the D2L campus administrators: Dan Thompson and Marti Docken, in rooms 3225 and 3215 in the Quad labs on the third floor.

If you're having trouble signing into the Saint Paul College eService's registration site, contact the Student Records office at (651) 846-1515 or stop by the Enrollment Services or Student Records offices on the first floor. They can reset your PIN number back to your birth date. When you log into eService's after Student Records and/or Enrollment Services resets your PIN, you will get prompted again to change it to a new 6-digit number.

Why can't I log into the computers?

There could be a couple of reasons:

  • 1. I get the following error.
    Error Image
    • This means one of two things: You are either typing the wrong password, or you are mistyping or misspelling your password. You have up to 10 tries to get your password correct or your account will lock. Make sure your password follows 3 of the 4 complexity requirements: at least 1 capital letter, 1 number, 1 lower-case letter, and/or 1 special character (@ % & ). Example: Baseball7. Passwords must also be at least 8 characters long and cannot contain your first or last name. You can reset your password at home or on campus at the following link: Reset Your Password 
    • DO NOT reset your password using the site. Only reset your password at the Student Password link on the Saint Paul College Student Portal. This is so that your e-mail account will sync with your account to access the computers on campus. If you reset your password at, you will still be able to log into your e-mail account, but your account to access the computers on campus will be your previous password, and may cause confusion.
  • I can't log into the computers because I get the following error:
    • The MAIL domain could not be found.
    • This means the computer is unattached to the Saint Paul College network. Contact your instructor and have them contact IT Services at phone extension #1440 and we will rejoin the computer to the network.

Why does it say my account is locked?

You have typed your password incorrectly more than 10 times. Contact IT Helpdesk at (651) 846-1440 or stop the IT Helpdesk in room 1470 and have them unlock your account. You can reset your password on or off campus at this link: Reset Your Password

What is Outlook Live?

Students have a new e-mail address,, hosted by Microsoft at With Outlook Live, you have a 10-gigabyte inbox and will be able to communicate with your instructors through this e-mail address. You can either sign in directly at the link above or use this link: Student Email 

What if I want to read my e-mail from another e-mail address?

You can redirect your e-mail to another e-mail address. Log into and click on the Options button at the top right corner.

Next, click "Forward your mail using Inbox rules".

Then, under the Inbox Rules tab, click the New button and the "New Inbox Rule" screen will come up.

Under the "When the message arrives" menu, select Apply to all messages and under the "Do the following" menu, select Redirect the message to.

Type your e-mail address in the box below and click OK.

Click Save.

The next step will be to log into another e-mail address and send a test e-mail to your address and see if the e-mail gets redirected to the e-mail address you have chosen.

What if I want to read my e-mail from Microsoft Outlook or the Windows Live Mail desktop client?

Students can set up their e-mail accounts to read their e-mail from Microsoft Outlook or Windows Live Mail desktop client software. You can download and install Windows Live Mail software from which is free. You can then set up your Outlook Live e-mail through

What if I want to read my Outlook Live e-mail from my Mobile Phone?

Students can set up their e-mail also on their Mobile Phones and can find this information also through or you can also check the Outlook Live Answers forums at Support is only provided through Microsoft.

Signed in somewhere else?

I get this message "Signed in somewhere else?"

This message comes up because you could be signed into the Windows Live portal ( or Outlook Live ( with a,,, or account already. You can only be signed in with one of these Windows Live IDs at a time. You may have to log off the last computer that you used previously. faq10g1.jpg

What is Windows Live SkyDrive?

SkyDrive is a 25 gigabyte online storage site that you can access from any computer on or off campus. You can upload your documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Spreadsheet) files, music, photos to this site at with your account. This can be useful and used in place of a USB Flash drive.

What is Windows Live?

Windows Live is a comprehensive set of services of software/web sites provided by Microsoft. Windows Live Essentials is a software suite (Messenger, Windows Live Mail, Movie Maker, Writer for blogging, Photo Gallery for editing photos). This software can be downloaded at You can read about the complete list of services of at

How can I forward my email to my phone?

To have your student email forwarded to your phone or other smart device, follow the instructions on the Office 365 Help Site:

Use the "Mobile Phone Setup Wizard", select your device’s operating system, and choose to setup an Exchange account. Here are some additional details you may need if asked (depending on your device):

  • Domain/Username =
    (*if DOMAIN and USERNAME are separate fields, leave DOMAIN blank and enter the information in the USERNAME field)
  • Password = your StarID password
  • Server Name =
    (*sometimes using works instead)

I have more questions about Outlook Live & Windows Live.

If you have more questions about Outlook Live, you can access the Outlook Live Answers forums at If you have questions about Windows Live, you can access the Windows Live Solutions Center at