Saint Paul College Student Printing
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Saint Paul College Student Printing

Student printing is available across campus. The main areas for printing are in the library and in the open computer labs (Rooms 3215 & 3225).

Printing in the open labs is done completely online. Other departments may have different printing procedures. See appropriate staff.

Student Printing Allowance

Each enrolled student is automatically given a print allowance as part of their student portal account. At the beginning of each term, each enrolled student will receive free pages in his/her student account. If you use all of your free 8.5 x 11 black and white pages, you will be charged for any additional black and white print copies at a rate of 5 cents per page. You can add money to your print account at the Add Value Station located on the 3rd floor-Student Commons area. The number of free pages in the print allowance may vary from semester to semester.

Print balances do not carry over to the next semester. At the end of the term, any remaining print balance will be deleted. The print balance has no cash value, so there is no refund or transfer for unused print copies. Deletion of remaining print copies begins at 10:00pm the evening prior to a new term. At the beginning of the next term, free pages will be reinstated when you enroll in classes.

Print Allowance Eligibility

Only students currently enrolled in classes are eligible to receive a print allowance. Saint Paul College faculty and staff do not receive a free print allowance unless they are enrolled in a credit course.

How to Print from the GoPrint PayStation

In order to print, you will need your student portal account. Printing instructions may vary slightly from one location to another. General guidelines for printing:

1. Go to the GoPrint PayStation monitor located next to the printer

2. Click your Username (portal account Username)

3. You will see a list of your current print jobs waiting and their cost

4. Click the job that you want to print

5. Click Continue

6. Type your portal account username in the login ID field

7. Type your Password (portal account Password) in the password field

8. Click Sign In

9. You can view the balance in the upper right hand corner of screen

10. To accept charges, click Pay and Print

11. Pick-up your print job(s) from printer

Note: All print jobs will be deleted automatically after a 2 hour period.

How to Add Money to Your Student Account Using the Add Value Station

Users may add money to their student account through the following method:

1. Go to the Add Value Station located in Room 3225 next to printer

2. Type your portal account Username using the keyboard

3. Press Enter on keyboard

4. Type your portal account Password using the keyboard

5. Press Enter on keyboard (Your account will be verified)

6. Insert cash in cash slot (Your account will be updated)

7. Press D on key pad to end session

8. Take your receipt

Note: No coins or credit cards are accepted.

Mobile Printing

Enrolled students may print to GoPrint Stations from their personal devices, including smartphones, laptops and tablets. Student’s GoPrint accounts will be charged for any prints made. Library prints require immediate cash payment. Go to for more information.

Student Printing Policies and Guidelines


The Open Labs are located in rooms 3215 and 3225. Instructions are posted at each printer location. Labs that are not part of this program will have their own printing policies and are NOT part of the print allowance.

Shared Location

Your allowance is shared by both rooms 3215 and 3225. If you print in multiple labs, all printing is drawn from the same allowance total.

Printing Allowance Restrictions

The printing allowance is intended for your academic use only. You may not use your allowance to print other people's work or sell your unused allowance. You may not use your printing allowance for commercial purposes.

Conserve Your Printing Allowance

Your printing allowance is intended to be used throughout the semester. It is a good practice to conserve your printing so you will be able to print your work through the entire semester. This is particularly important when your coursework requires significant printing for final reports or projects.

No Refunds for User Error

Please preview your print job thoroughly before printing to avoid unwanted blank pages, extra pages, or other errors. You will be charged for these pages and there are no refunds.

Refunds Due to Printer Error

Page refunds are issued only for problems due to defective equipment, such as paper jams or missing ink/toner. Refunds consist of replacement pages only. Your printing allowance has no cash value. Please allow a 24 hour turnaround (business days only) for any page refunds.