Construction on new parking ramp has begun
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Construction on new parking ramp has begun

Saint Paul College is building a new parking garage/ramp beginning October 31, 2011. The construction period is set to last from October 31, 2011 through May 2012.
The number of campus parking spaces has been reduced due to the construction of the new ramp, and the on-campus parking spots that will be most available are in the outer lots: Lot C, Lot D, and Lot E. View all parking information
The College is building a parking ramp to alleviate parking capacity problems related to an 80% increase in enrollment the past eleven years. The college currently has 1,308 parking spaces. After the parking ramp is built, the College will increase its parking capacity on campus by 491 spaces and have 1,799 total parking spaces.
Many full time faculty, staff and students have volunteered to park in the Smith Avenue Parking Ramp off-campus ramp to make more spaces available in the campus parking lots.
The parking ramp will be located to the west of the main campus buildings.
Parking Ramp