Customer Service Standards
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Customer Service Standards

Saint Paul College is a student-centered institution and we aspire to provide the highest level of customer service to enhance the learning experience. To help meet this goal, the following Customer Service Standards have been established and align with our campus values. View Statement of Values


  • Greet all customers in a pleasant, courteous and respectful fashion.
  • Communicate properly with integrity, fairness and professionalism.
  • Demonstrate patience, compassion and concern towards all with whom we come in contact.
  • Foster a sense of community, inclusion, and collaboration by providing a safe, clean and comfortable environment.


  • Provide an environment that facilitates learning, teaching and student success.
  • Accommodate the differing needs of students and provide accessible support for all.
  • Aim to answer inquiries at the first point of contact, and refer appropriately when this is not possible.
  • Actively seek feedback to ensure we continue to develop and improve our service.


  • Demonstrate integrity to our students, colleagues and the community by adhering to policies, procedures, and standards of service, and applying them in an equitable and just manner.
  • Take ownership of inquiries and help find solutions.
  • Listen carefully and patiently to ensure we thoroughly understand each inquiry.
  • Follow federal and state guidelines to ensure the protection of private information.

How are we doing?

Please provide us your feedback on how successful we have been at achieving our customer service goals by using our Suggestion Box/Feedback Form