Saint Paul College Budget
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Saint Paul College Budget

The annual operating budget is an organizational plan stated in monetary terms. Saint Paul College prepares budgets, plans expenses and allocates funds consistent with Board policies and Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system procedures.

The Saint Paul College Finance Department seeks to provide excellent customer service in support of the College’s mission through a budget process that links strategic and financial planning to insure the long-term financial health of the College.

Budget Planning for 2015 and Beyond

The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) system and Saint Paul College received funding from the legislature to freeze tuition in FY2014 and FY2015. For the most updated base allocation from MnSCU, please view  Summary FY2015 Institutional Allocations PDF.

budgetcalendar.pdfBudget Calendar

Budgeting Planning Principles

The College will make planning, budgeting, and assessment decisions based on a commitment to the College’s eleven budget planning principles:

Principle 1: Furthering the College’s mission, vision, strategic goals and values

The mission of Saint Paul College is to provide: Education for Employment... Education for Life!

Saint Paul College offers comprehensive learning opportunities in both career and transfer education to enhance personal knowledge and advance economic opportunity for the benefit of a diverse population including students, business/industry/labor and the community.

Saint Paul College will be a leader in providing comprehensive life-long learning through innovative and quality focused strategies and services.

Strategic Plan and Goals
Based on the 2020 Vision and Strategic Plan, Saint Paul College has the following strategic goals:

  • Maximize comprehensive, high-quality learning, programs and services.
  • Expand access, service, opportunity and success.
  • Strengthen organizational, community and global partnerships to enhance economic competitiveness. .
  • Optimize organizational innovation and development.
  • Sustain financial viability during changing economic and market conditions.

Statement of Values
Saint Paul College is committed to the following values. The College mission and goals are based on its values which are central to an effective learning organization.

Teaching & Learning
Career & Transfer Education
Student-Focused Services

Learner Centered
Cultural Diversity/Inclusiveness
Human Diversity

Climate Responsiveness

Principle 2: Maintaining Higher Learning Commission accreditation or other program specific national accreditations.

Principle 3: Ensuring a fair and equitable budget process for all areas of the college.

Principle 4: Treating all people with dignity and respect.

Principle 5: Working together to maintain transparent, timely, factual, and honest communication throughout the college community.

Principle 6: Focusing on the “big picture.”

Principle 7: Advocating for both quality and access of education, while understanding that services and programs may have to be scaled back or eliminated.

Principle 8: Prioritizing offerings according to student and community needs.

Principle 9: Minimizing the impact cost of increase to students whenever possible.

Principle 10: Using temporary or one-time dollars for recurring expenses only when a plan for replacing those dollars is in place.

Principle 11: Evaluating budget reductions after they have been implemented to make further adjustments and account for any unintended consequences.

Revenue Generation and Cost Savings Strategies Feedback

Thank you for your budget feedback, which can be reviewed at Budget Feedback.

We are interested in hearing your ideas and are seeking your feedback about ways to generate more revenue and/or save college resources. To this end, the College will hold three Budget Solutions Meetings during the month of February 2015. These dates are:

  • Thursday 2/5/2015
  • Monday 2/9/2015
  • Wednesday 2/11/2015

All meetings will be held from noon – 1:00pm in room 3320.

Prior Budget Feedback Results

The ideas and feedback collected, along with how the feedback will be used and the timeframe it will be used, will be posted once it has been reviewed and prioritized. The budget unit would like to thank the college community for having taken the time to provide feedback.

Budget Resources

Please see the following budget resources for more information:

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Finance Division

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Budget

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Allocations

If you have questions or comments about the Saint Paul College Budget process, please send an email to Scott Mitchell.