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Parking Information

All parking at Saint Paul College is paid parking.  Access to the parking lots is made in either one of two ways:

  • Contract Parking for students and employees
  • Daily/Hourly/Visitor Parking for visitors, students and employees not paying for contract parking.

Contract Parking for students and employees

Entering/Exiting: Students and employees enter the parking lot at multiple entrances using a programmed contract parking access card that can be paid for and picked up at the Tuition Office. Students and employees with the contract parking access cards may use any “Contract Parking” entrance lane or exit lane in both the upper and lower lots.

  • New students will need to purchase or obtain their contract parking access cards prior to the start of each semester at the Tuition Office.
  • Returning students and employees who already have a contract parking access card can reload their cards with additional value at any time using the Web site or by visiting the Tuition Office.

Daily/Hourly Parking for visitors, students and employees

Entering: Use only the Marshall Avenue entrance. Visitors, students and employees not paying for contract parking may enter the lot via the Marshall Avenue entrance and obtain a short-term parking access ticket from the machine in the Visitor Parking entrance lane. Directions to the College

Exiting: Use only the Marshall Avenue exit. The short-term parking access ticket must be paid at the machine when exiting the lot using cash, credit card or a pre-paid parking exit voucher. Parking rates are $1.00 for the first hour, $3.00 for the first two hours, and $5.00 for three or more hours.

Restricted Street Parking

Restricted street parking around the College is enforced by the City of Saint Paul. A resident permit is required to park on certain streets and other streets have 2 hour parking limits. Violators parking in restricted areas will be ticketed and fined by the City of Saint Paul. View map of street parking restrictions.

Student & Staff Parking

Parking Policy
It is mandatory for all motor vehicles parked on the Saint Paul College campus to use the controlled parking access system. Visitors may park anywhere in the lots and ramp except for marked reserved spaces. Vehicles parked in handicapped parking spaces require a valid State-Issued Handicapped Permit. All violators will be ticketed.

Parking Access Cards = Contract Parking
If you have an active parking access card issued by Saint Paul College you are considered contract parking.

With a parking access card, you can use any contract parking entrance or exit in the lower and upper lots in the parking system.

All persons operating a vehicle on campus are responsible for being familiar with, and complying with, all traffic and parking regulations. A complete list of parking violations and information about the parking policy may be obtained from the Public Safety Office on the first floor. Saint Paul College assumes no liability for care of, damage to, and/or protection of any vehicle or its contents at any time while it is operated on or parked on the campus property. Possession of a parking access card neither reserves nor guarantees a parking space.

Contract Parking Access Card Prices

Summer 2013 = $3.00 per day

Fall 2013 = $3.00 per day

Spring 2014 = $3.00 per day

Parking Map