Academic Warning Seminar Agreement Form
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Academic Warning Seminar Agreement Form

There are two steps in completing the Academic Warning Seminar Agreement Form. The first step is to complete and submit the form, and the second step is to send an email to and let them know you have submitted the completed Academic Warning Seminar Agreement and that you are requesting to have your registration hold removed. Make sure you complete both steps. It may take up to two business days, after you have sent your confirmation email, for the registration hold to be removed.

Step 1
Complete the following form and click "Submit” to confirm that you have completed your Academic Warning Online Seminar.

Step 2
Send an email with your name and student ID number to and include the phrase "Online Seminar Complete" in the subject line of your email, and request to have your academic warning registration hold removed.

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What will you do next semester to ensure that you will succeed?

*By checking this box, I confirm that I have completed the Academic Probation Online Seminar for Saint Paul College.
  • I have read and understand all of the policies related to Satisfactory Academic Progress.
  • I also understand that while on academic probation, I must achieve at least a 2.5 semester GPA and a 100% semester completion rate; otherwise, I will be suspended from Saint Paul College for at least two major terms and must then appeal to be reinstated.