Code of Student Conduct
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Code of Student Conduct

Student Rights & Responsibilities
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General Code of Student Conduct Policy

Students are expected to be familiar with the Code of Student Conduct.

The rights and responsibilities of students and the expectations of the College are described in this section. Students are responsible for conducting themselves in a manner that does not interfere with the educational process.

Behavior that is threatening to the safety or welfare of yourself or others, or that is harassing or discriminatory in nature, will be reviewed promptly by the College and appropriate action will be taken.

The Code of Student Conduct does not replace nor reduce the requirements of civil or criminal laws. The College has established a Code of Student Conduct that details procedures for the administration of Student Conduct proceedings.

Students shall be afforded appropriate due process in the adjudication of any charge(s) of violations of the Code of Student Conduct. Students found guilty of violations may be subject to sanctions, including suspension or expulsion. Allegation of discrimination or harassment shall be adjudicated under separate procedures in accordance with Saint Paul College’s policies on those issues.

Statement of Student Responsibilities

Students at Saint Paul College, as members of the College community, in addition to the basic constitutional rights enjoyed by all citizens, have specific rights related to academic freedom and their status as students. The rights are described in the Students Rights and Responsibilities Policy. Students are expected to exercise their freedom with responsibility. Student responsibilities include, but are not limited to, respecting and valuing the rights and differences of all members of the College community; refraining from any and all proscribed behaviors as listed in the next section, “Proscribed Conduct”; refraining from performing acts of violence or harassment against any member of the College community; and abiding by all College policies and procedures.

Any questions of interpretation regarding the Student Conduct Policy shall be referred to the Dean of Student Development and Services.