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Bookstore Hours
Mon-Thurs: 9:00am - 6:30pm
Fri: 9:00am - 3:30pm

Room 1210

T: 651.846.1422


  • All students need to have their schedule and picture ID with them when getting textbooks and/or kits.
  • Students charging books to their financial aid, also need to bring a copy of the email with their approved book charging limit.
  • Students picking up reserved books also need to bring a copy of the reservation confirmation.

Textbook Costs

To estimate textbook expen​ses in advance, visit the College Bookstore Web site! Your fee statement will have the information you need to inquire about textbooks on the Web. Term, subject (same as department), course number and section number is what you need for your textbook inquiry. These costs are current estimates and are subject to change!


You may reserve your textbooks online from the convenience of your own computer at Please make sure to print out the reservation confirmation and bring it with you to pick up your books. Your books will be pulled and you can pick them up in a separate line at the Bookstore. Payment will need to be made at the time of pick up.


Full refunds for most textbooks are given within 5 school days of purchase, providing there is proof of purchase (receipt) and the textbook is undamaged and in mint condition. Textbooks returned prior to the 5th day that are not in mint condition will be refunded at current “used book” pricing. After the 5th day, students will be encouraged to sell their books at the book buy-back. (Please visit us online for more information.)

Used Book Buy-Back

In an effort to keep your textbook costs down, the Bookstore has initiated a “used book” policy. The Bookstore will attempt to stock used books for most titles. In addition, the Bookstore will schedule a book buy-back at the end of each semester, where students may resell their textbooks for cash!  For more information, please visit the College Bookstore web site.


The Bookstore can also be your source for apparel and merchandise. Show school spirit with items from the bookstore!​​ Notebooks, planners, folders, paper, presentation materials, stethoscopes, rulers, calculators, pens, pencils and just about any school supply you can think of are sold in the Bookstore. 

Bus Pass: The College Pass from MetroTransit is available in the Bookstore for $155.00 per semester. This pass provides unlimited rides on busses and trains anywhere in the metro area for the entire semester.