Honors Program
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Honors Program

The Honors Program at Saint Paul College offers enhanced learning opportunities and activities to students who demonstrate academic excellence and a high level of interest and initiative.

Honors Program Eligibility

To be eligible to enroll in honors sections, students must show a demonstrated pattern of academic excellence through one of the following:

  • completion of at least 12 college-level credits with a Grade Point Average of 3.5 or higher
  • entering high school students with a Grade Point Average of 3.75 or higher and a minimum Accuplacer Reading score of 78

Benefits of Taking Honors Courses

  • Increased opportunities for intellectual challenge and growth
  • Opportunity to work with other highly motivated students in small classroom settings (honors sections have smaller class sizes).
  • Designation of “honors” after each honors section on college transcript indicates academic rigor to potential employers, transfer institutions, and/or scholarship committees

Honors sections for the following courses are available for Spring Semester 2016

ARTS 1713 Photography 1 – Honors (Course ID 000462 OR 000672)
This is a course devoted to introducing photography as a medium of creative expression and visual communication. Students are introduced to 35mm film cameras and the techniques used in the darkroom to create black and white photographs. Initial assignments address technical proficiency and then the emphasis transitions towards creative exploration, aesthetics, and meaning. Classroom discussion will also establish a fundamental relationship between digital and film photography. A $200 camera deposit will be collected from students who borrow a film SLR camera. The deposit will be refunded at the end of the semester provided the camera is returned undamaged and in suitable working condition. (MnTC: Goal 6) 3C/1/2/0

BIOL 1740 General Biology 1 – The Living Cell – Honors (Course ID 000544)
This course is a study of biological processes including cell chemistry, metabolism, reproduction, genetics, and complex cell physiology. The lab component covers the application of concepts through observation, experimentation, and problem analysis. This course is intended for biology majors and students requiring a strong biological background for selected majors, including nursing and other allied health fields, and interested non-majors. BIOL 1740 is a prerequisite for BIOL 2721 Human Anatomy and Physiology 1, BIOL 2750 General Microbiology, and BIOL 1745 General Biology 2: The Living World. (MnTC: Goal 3) 5C/4/1/0

SPCH 1710 Fundamentals of Public Speaking – Honors (Course ID 000648)
This course covers the basic principles of preparing, researching, and delivering informative, persuasive, impromptu, and extemporaneous speeches. Instructional methodologies instruct students on computer- mediated communication issues as well as international audience analysis and multi-cultural demands of public speaking venues. In addition, this course will include audience analysis and suggestions for overcoming speech anxiety. Students will analyze and evaluate the arguments and rhetorical methods used in public communication. (MnTC: Goals 1 & 8) 3C/3/0/0

To register for Honors sections, students must contact Enrollment Services at 651.846.1600 or registration@saintpaul.edu

Future Honors Course Offerings

Fall Semester 2016
ENGL 1712 Composition 2 – Honors
HUMA 1720 The Ancient and Medieval World – Honors
PHIL 1710 Logic – Honors

Spring Semester 2017
BIOL 1725 Environmental Science – Honors
PHIL 1722 Health Care Ethics – Honors
PSYC 1720 Psychology Throughout the Lifespan – Honors