Policy Regarding Sexual Assault Programs and Procedures
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Policy Regarding Sexual Assault Programs and Procedures

Saint Paul College's policy on sexual abuse and harassment is governed by the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system's policy. In support of the System policy, the College reaffirms the policy that sexual abuse and harassment will not be tolerated. Every effort will be made to assure that all members of the College community are provided an atmosphere free from sexual abuse and harassment. To prevent sexual abuse and harassment, educational efforts will be undertaken to inform employees and students of their responsibilities regarding such behavior, how to identify and eliminate potential sexual abuse and harassment and what steps can be taken if instances of sexual abuse and harassment are experienced.

Saint Paul College conducts a number of programs aimed at preventing sexual offenses and making the community aware of the potential of such crimes. These programs include nightly security patrols of the campus, providing escorts, inspecting the campus for potentially dangerous areas and implementing programs to inspect campus lighting and shrubbery. In addition, Campus Security provides educational programs concerning sexual assault awareness.

A guiding principle in the reporting of sexual assault is to avoid re-victimizing the sexual assault survivor by forcing the person into any plan of action. Sexual assault survivors may contact any one of several College departments or community services for assistance. The following resources provide immediate aid or on-going consultation for survivors of sexual assault.

Emergency Numbers

Emergency 911
Saint Paul City Police 651.291.1111
Campus Security 651.846.1322 or 651.846.1394
Saint Paul College Affirmative Action Officer 651.846.1363
Saint Paul College Counseling Office 651.846.1555
Crisis Connection 612.379.6363
Support Group-First Call for Help 651.224.1133

Procedure Regarding Sexual Assault

  1. Contact Campus Security at 651.846.1322 as soon as possible after the offense.
  2. Please remember it is most important to preserve evidence. Do not bathe, douche, use the toilet, or change clothing. Note everything about the location. If you have been raped, you should seek medical attention immediately regardless of whether you report the matter to the police.
  3. Every attempt is made to maintain the anonymity of the sexual assault survivor. Every attempt will be made not to release names to the media. Unless privacy is requested by the sexual assault survivor, names and addresses of survivors are released to the Saint Paul City Police. Campus Security will attempt to provide support and advice for sexual assault survivors. Each report of sexual assault will be investigated in order to provide better protection to the survivor of a sexual assault and all members of the College community. Sexual assault survivors should be aware of the need of the College to release information regarding the fact that an assault has occurred for the protection and safety of others.
  4. The Security Office will be the office of official record for reports of sexual assault, as it is in all reported law violations. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to contact the Security Office to report any information regarding assaults.
  5. Sexual assault survivors have the right to have reports made anonymously (third party) to the Saint Paul City Police Department. Campus Security will assist the survivor in making this report if the survivor so wishes. In these situations, the name of the complainant will not be forwarded. Third party reports may prevent the College and the Saint Paul City Police Department from actively investigating the criminal activity.
  6. Counseling and medical services are available both on and off campus. If you are the victim of a sexual assault, Saint Paul College encourages you to contact one or more of the following:
  7. Crisis Intervention Center 651.221.8922
    Saint Paul College Counseling Center 651.846.1383
    Saint Paul College Affirmative Action Office 651.846.1363

If the Security Officer (or designee) determines that a threat continues to exist for the community, information about the reported sexual assault will be reported to the campus community whether reported by a sexual assault survivor or through a third party report. As much detail as possible regarding location, date and time of the assault, and any information which might help identify the assailant will be reported.

The Security Office will inform the campus community of the reported sexual assaults by poster, appropriate notices, or campus newspaper.

Each report will be taken as presented by the complainant. Appropriate criminal classifications will be determined after a review of all facts by the Saint Paul City Police Department personnel.

The College will take appropriate action to safeguard the alleged survivor and, at the same time, protect the rights of the alleged perpetrator. If the survivor of a sexual assault requests, the College will attempt to provide, if reasonably available, a change in classes.

The College will normally not take any disciplinary action against a member of the campus community without a written complaint and the assistance of the complainant in the disciplinary process, unless the College determines there is a clear danger to the victim or the College community.

Procedures for Campus Disciplinary Action for Sex Offenses:

The College disciplinary process is an option for any person wishing to report a case of student misconduct. In order for the College to proceed, a written complaint (whether by the victim or a third party) must be filed with the Associate Vice President of Student Development and Services, 651.846.1362. If the complaint is criminal in nature, it will also be forwarded to Campus Security and law enforcement.

There are different standards of proof in the College conduct proceeding than in the possible criminal action. The College conduct proceeding determines whether the accuser’s status as a student will be altered, whereas the criminal process determines if there will be limitations on the accuser’s liberty. As there are different standards and the purpose of each proceeding is different, Saint Paul College encourages students who are the victims of sexual assault to go forward with the College process.

Both the accuser and the accused are entitled to have others present (an advocate or advisor) during the disciplinary proceeding. This person may not, however, speak in your place or ask questions of witnesses.

Both the accuser and the accused have the right to call a reasonable number of witnesses during the hearings to testify on their behalf. The other party may ask the witnesses questions.

Both the accuser and the accused have the right to request in advance the names of witnesses and shall have the right to question witnesses during the hearing.

Both the accuser and the accused shall be informed of the outcome of the College disciplinary proceeding concerning the complaint of sexual offense. This information should not be disclosed to the public generally.

Sanctions Following a College disciplinary proceeding include but are not limited to expulsion and suspension.​​