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Student Associations and Organizations

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Put on a Cinco de Mayo event. Host a guest speaker on campus. Build an autonomous robot car. Meet students like you. Student Associations and Organizations provide you opportunities to use the new skills you learn in class right away. You can meet new friends and build your professional network.

There are a variety of activities, associations, organizations and leadership opportunities available to students. Review the list below by selecting the name of a Student Association, Organization, or Involvement Opportunity to the mission statement and get contact information.

Want to start a new photography association? Book club? Cultural group?

Here is the process:

  • Recruit 3-6 students
  • Recruit a faculty member to be your advisor
  • Fill out the Student Association Registration Form
  • Have your advisor fill out the Faculty Advisor Contract
  • Complete this EDITABLE - Association Constitution Template.pdfConstitution Template; it will serve as your association's constitution to help guide you with membership, decision-making and leadership.
  • Turn the forms into the Student Life Office (Room 1265)
  • Attend a General Assembly to let your students know about your association.

Contact Student Senate at or 651.846.4084 for assistance with this process!

Student Associations

Click on the name to read more about the group or involvement opportunity!

African American Association

The mission of the African American Association is to U.N.I.T.E (unify nations inspiring through encouragement) with all staff and students to create a place where all students are welcome. We promote diversity and educate others of our culture(s) and the significance thereof.

African American Association Advisor
Patti Gage

All Nations Student Association

The mission of the All Nations Student Association (ANSA) is to provide personal, academic, and cultural support for current and future Saint Paul College students of Native American/American Indian descent. We plan to connect with the general public on-campus to educate and inform issues that are relevant not only to Native American/American Indian students, but Native Peoples as a whole. This will bring recognition and awareness of culture and heritage to Saint Paul College. While working with and on behalf of other student associations on campus, we will strive to keep this campus unified with a diverse atmosphere. We will also focus on promoting Saint Paul College within the Native American communities and encourage Native American/American Indian descendants to higher their education and pursue career possibilities at Saint Paul College.

All Nations Student Association Advisor
Kurt Kortenhof - 651.846.1706

American Sign Language Interpreting Association

The mission of the ASL Interpreting Club is to enhance the learning experience of all ASL students, interpreting students and Deaf peoples regardless of their background in ASL to help spread deaf awareness to Saint Paul College. The club will also provide ssocial opportunities to interact with members of the Deaf community to improve one's level of sign langauge skills and cultivate apprecation and deep respect for Deaf culture. This club is also open to all students who are interested in learning about American Sign Language and Deaf culture.

ASL Interpreting Association Advisor
Sherri Rademacher

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

The Saint Paul College chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) purpose is to promote and increase knowledge and interest in the science, design, development, construction, languages, management and applications of modern computing.

ACM Advisor
Warren Sheaffer - 651.846.1535

Counter Culture Christian Club

The mission of the Counter Culture Christian Club is to provide an environment for students who are believers in Christianity to gather for the purpose of sharing and exploring their faith. This club welcomes the input and participation of all people, Christians, non-Christians and seekers alike.

Counter Culture Christian Club Advisor
Zubah Kpanaku

El Futuro

The focus of El Futuro is to encourage, enhance and guide current or future students in completing and striving for goals they have set or will set for themselves. This is especially for students who speak English as their second language or who may have come from a Latin American country. The group will support each other to the best of their ability in all aspects of the college journey that we will all come across. We will also shed light on Latin American customs and our heritage for non-Latino members and Latino members. This will benefit the college community by giving students confidence and a positive outlook on the challenges they may face by support students. We will also recruit future students from around our community and all areas of Latin descent.

El Futuro Advisors
Susana Perez Castillejo -
Julieta Alvarado -

Environmental Action Society

The mission of the Environmental Action Society is to provide education about green issues and promoting sustainability on campus and at home. Environmental Action Society Advisor

Environmental Action Society Advisor
Jim Gielissen - 651.403.4081

Ethiopian Student Association

The mission of the Ethiopian Student Association is to work together to promote Ethiopian culture and to share our knowledge and study materials with one another. We participate in different activities that can help the learning environment and promote diversity.

Ethiopian Student Association Advisor
Wossen Tsegaw

Kappa Beta Delta

Kappa Beta Delta is for students who are enrolled in institutions accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). Kappa Beta Delta was established to encourage and recognize scholarship and accomplishment in the pursuit and completion of studies in business, management and administration that culminates in the conferral of the associate degree.

Kappa Beta Delta Association Advisor
Kendal Loewen -

Mental Health Peer Support Group

We offer peer support to those struggling with mental illness. We want to create a safe place for people to come and talk about issues they are having and to help bridge the gap of talking about mental health issues. This would be a peer-led group where people can feel free to talk and share their feelings to gain some support within the college community. These meetings are CONFIDENTIAL and ANONYMOUS. Only students attend.

Muslim Student Association

The Muslim Student Association’s purpose is to unite Muslim and non-Muslim students at Saint Paul College and to provide students with a safe and comfortable environment in which they can develop an understanding of Islam, its teachings, and the diverse cultures of the Muslim world.

Muslim Student Association Advisor
Kelly McKown

PRISM Campus Alliance (People Representing Individuals and Sexual Minorities)

PRISM promotes individuality, growth and understanding within the Saint Paul College community; works to combat mistreatment and misconceptions of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) individuals and their allies; raises awareness among students, faculty, and staff; improves visibility and provides support of GLBT individuals and their allies in the campus community.

PRISM Advisor
Stephanie Hazen - 651.846.1769

Somali Student Association

The mission of the Somali Student Association is to promote and educate about Somali culture and to support Somali students at Saint Paul College.

Somali Student Association Advisor
Francois Nguyen

Students in Recovery

Students In Recovery is an anonymous group that extends the hand of fellowship to those with addictions and compulsive behaviors. This group is provided for and run by students at Saint Paul College. Students with problems of alcoholism, addiction, gambling, and other compulsive behaviors are welcome at this meeting. Meetings are confidential and no Saint Paul College faculty or staff attend. For meeting time and location, please email Clinton Heino at

Student Organizations

Click on the name to read more about the group or involvement opportunity!

Phi Theta Kappa (Beta Xi Alpha chapter of Saint Paul College)

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) is the official honor society of two-year colleges. There are requirements for eligibility including (but not limited to) being enrolled in a regionally accredited institution offering an associate degree program; completing at least 12 credits of coursework that may be applied to an associate degree; and obtaining a cumulative grade point average of 3.5.  More information about Phi Theta Kappa.

Phi Theta Kappa Advisors
John Parker-Der Boghossian (Coordinating Advisor) - 651.846.1757
Beth Arnold (Chapter Co-Advisor) - 651.846.1630 (ext. 5114)
Ayesha Shariff (Chapter Co-Advisor) - 651.846.1711

Saint Paul College Student Senate

The Student Senate is the official representative of the student body at Saint Paul College. The purpose of the Student Senate is to work to improve the quality of student life and education at Saint Paul College. As a liaison to the administration and faculty, senate represents student ideas, concerns and issues at Saint Paul College. Participation in the organization is an excellent opportunity to engage in the political process, become acquainted with the college system and its resources, and develop leadership skills.

More information about student senate

Student Senate Advisors
John Parker-Der Boghossian - 651.846.1757
Linda Peterson - 651.846.1733


SkillsUSA is an organization established for students to provide quality education experiences in leadership, teamwork, citizenship and character development. Students participate in a variety of social, community service and educational opportunities. Students are able to compete in a wide range of topic areas that cover almost every discipline and program at Saint Paul College.

SkillsUSA Advisors
Keith Setley - 651.846.1539
Tom Hillstead - 651.846.1397