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Like many of the students at Saint Paul College, Rayna started her studies because she wanted to change her circumstances and make a better life for her family.
Before enrolling at Saint Paul College, Rayna was working at a local semi-conductor company for over seven years, when she lost her job as a result of layoffs. She realized that, without advancing her education, she would not have the skills that employers require in today’s job market. She decided to enroll in the electrical technology program at Saint Paul College.

A nontraditional student,Rayna returned to college at the age of 32, and she juggles the demands of home while picking up jobs as a courier to make ends meet. Rayna now thrives as a top student and she is passio​nate about what she is learning. She is on track to graduate on time, in two years.

The cost of tuition can be daunting. Integral to Rayna’s success in her educational pursuits, and the achievements of many of our students, is the support received through scholarships and grants.

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Now you can become a sustaining donor to Friends of Saint Paul College. Using our secure giving site, simply indicate that you would like to make a “recurring donation.”

$50 a month will help cover tuition for one class

$40 a month will pay for books for one semester

$15 a month will buy a bus pass for the year

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Make checks payable to Friends of Saint Paul College. You may mail your check or money order to:

Friends of Saint Paul College
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