Program Requirements Guides
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Program Requirements Guides

Program Requirements Guides provide the following information:

  • Minimum Program Entry Requirements
  • Recommended Course Sequence and
  • Program Outcomes.

NOTE: Access to PDF (Portable Document Format) files requires a PDF viewer such as Adobe Reader
(which is available as a free download). ​

Career & Technical Education Programs

Auto Body Repair AAS.pdfAuto Body Repair AAS
Auto Body Repair Diploma.pdfAuto Body Repair Diploma
Automation Technologies Certificate 360 Consortium.pdfAutomation Technologies Certificate 360 Consortium
Automotive Service Technician AAS.PDFAutomotive Service Technician AAS
Automotive Service Technician Diploma.pdfAutomotive Service Technician Diploma
Cabinetmaking Diploma.pdfCabinetmaking Diploma
Carpentry Diploma.pdfCarpentry Diploma
CNC Toolmaking Diploma.pdfCNC Toolmaking Diploma
Electrical Technology Diploma.pdfElectrical Technology Diploma
Electromechanical Systems Certificate.pdfElectromechanical Systems Certificate
Electromechanical Systems Diploma.pdfElectromechanical Systems Diploma
Individualized Studies AAS.pdfIndividualized Studies AAS
Machine Operator Certificate - Right Skills Now for Manufacturing.pdfMachine Operator Certificate - Right Skills Now for Manufacturing
Machine Technologist Certificate 360 Consortium.pdfMachine Technologist Certificate 360 Consortium
Machining and Automation Diploma 360 Consortium.pdfMachining and Automation Diploma 360 Consortium
Pipefitting Diploma.pdfPipefitting Diploma
Plumbing Diploma.pdfPlumbing Diploma
Production Technologies Certificate 360 Consortium.pdfProduction Technologies Certificate 360 Consortium
Robotic Welding Certificate.pdfRobotic Welding Certificate
Sheet Metal-HVAC Ducts and Fittings AAS.pdfSheet Metal-HVAC Ducts and Fittings AAS
Sheet Metal-HVAC Ducts and Fittings Diploma.pdfSheet Metal-HVAC Ducts and Fittings Diploma
Truck Technician Diploma.pdfTruck Technician Diploma
Welding Technology Certificate 360 Consortium.pdfWelding Technology Certificate 360 Consortium
Welding Technology Diploma.pdfWelding Technology Diploma
Wood Finishing Techniques Certificate.pdfWood Finishing Techniques Certificate

Liberal Arts & Fine Arts

AA Degree - evening option.pdfAA Degree - evening option
AA Degree - online option.pdfAA Degree - online option
AA Degree - weekend option.pdfAA Degree - weekend option
American Sign Language Courses.pdfAmerican Sign Language Courses
American Sign Language Studies Certificate.pdfAmerican Sign Language Studies Certificate
Associate in Arts Degree - Emphasis in Communication Studies.pdfAssociate in Arts Degree - Emphasis in Communication Studies
Associate in Arts Degree - Emphasis in Criminology.pdfAssociate in Arts Degree - Emphasis in Criminology
Associate in Arts Degree - Emphasis in History.pdfAssociate in Arts Degree - Emphasis in History
Associate in Arts Degree - Emphasis in Social Science-Public Affairs.pdfAssociate in Arts Degree - Emphasis in Social Science-Public Affairs
Associate in Arts Degree Worksheet.pdfAssociate in Arts Degree Worksheet
Associate in Arts Degree.pdfAssociate in Arts Degree
Associate in Fine Arts Degree - Music.pdfAssociate in Fine Arts Degree - Music

Service Programs

Child Development Careers AAS.pdfChild Development Careers AAS
Child Development Careers AS.pdfChild Development Careers AS
Child Development Careers ASL AS.pdfChild Development Careers ASL AS
Child Development Careers Certificate.pdfChild Development Careers Certificate
Child Development Careers Diploma.pdfChild Development Careers Diploma
Cosmetology AAS.pdfCosmetology AAS
Cosmetology Diploma.pdfCosmetology Diploma
Culinary Arts AAS.pdfCulinary Arts AAS
Culinary Arts Diploma.pdfCulinary Arts Diploma
Culinary Foundations Certificate.pdfCulinary Foundations Certificate
Nail Care Technician Certificate.pdfNail Care Technician Certificate
Pastry and Baking Certificate.pdfPastry and Baking Certificate
Sign Language Interpreter - Transliterator AAS.pdfSign Language Interpreter - Transliterator AAS
Wine and Artisan Foods Certificate.pdfWine and Artisan Foods Certificate
Wine Professional Certificate.pdfWine Professional Certificate

STEM Programs & Courses

Biology AS.pdfBiology AS
BIOLOGY courses.pdfBIOLOGY courses
Chemistry AS.pdfChemistry AS
CHEMISTRY courses.pdfCHEMISTRY courses
Computer Animation Certificate.pdfComputer Animation Certificate
Computer Graphics and Visualization AS.pdfComputer Graphics and Visualization AS
Computer Network Engineering AAS.pdfComputer Network Engineering AAS
Computer Programming AAS.pdfComputer Programming AAS
Computer Science AS.pdfComputer Science AS
CyberSecurity AAS.pdfCyberSecurity AAS
CyberSecurity Certificate.pdfCyberSecurity Certificate
Engineering Broad Field AS.pdfEngineering Broad Field AS
Enterprise Computing Certificate.pdfEnterprise Computing Certificate
Geographic Information Science AAS.pdfGeographic Information Science AAS
Java Programming Certificate.pdfJava Programming Certificate
Management Information Systems AS.pdfManagement Information Systems AS
Minnesota Transfer Curriculum MnTC.pdfMinnesota Transfer Curriculum MnTC
Mobile Development Certificate.pdfMobile Development Certificate
Nanoscience Technology AAS.pdfNanoscience Technology AAS
Network Administration Certificate.pdfNetwork Administration Certificate
PHYSICS courses.pdfPHYSICS courses
Science Technician AS.pdfScience Technician AS
Visualization Technology AAS.pdfVisualization Technology AAS
Visualization Technology Certificate.pdfVisualization Technology Certificate
Web Based 2D Game Development Certificate.pdfWeb Based 2D Game Development Certificate
Web Design Certificate.pdfWeb Design Certificate
Web Development Certificate.pdfWeb Development Certificate

Business Programs

Accounting AAS.pdfAccounting AAS
Accounting Technician Diploma.pdfAccounting Technician Diploma
Business Certificate.pdfBusiness Certificate
Business Management AS.pdfBusiness Management AS
Customer Service Office Support Certificate.pdfCustomer Service Office Support Certificate
Entrepreneurship AAS.pdfEntrepreneurship AAS
Entrepreneurship Certificate.pdfEntrepreneurship Certificate
Event and Meeting Management Certificate.pdfEvent and Meeting Management Certificate
Finance AS.pdfFinance AS
Finance Certificate.pdfFinance Certificate
Global Trade Professional Certificate.pdfGlobal Trade Professional Certificate
Global Trade Specialist AAS.pdfGlobal Trade Specialist AAS
Hospitality Management AAS.pdfHospitality Management AAS
Human Resources AAS.pdfHuman Resources AAS
Human Resources Professional Certificate.pdfHuman Resources Professional Certificate
Human Resources Specialist Certificate.pdfHuman Resources Specialist Certificate
Marketing AAS.pdfMarketing AAS
Music Business AAS.pdfMusic Business AAS
Nonprofit Certificate.pdfNonprofit Certificate
Office Management Professional AAS.pdfOffice Management Professional AAS
Project Management AAS.pdfProject Management AAS
Project Management Certificate.pdfProject Management Certificate
Restaurant Management Certificate.pdfRestaurant Management Certificate
Social Media Marketing Certificate.pdfSocial Media Marketing Certificate
Supply Chain Logistics AAS.pdfSupply Chain Logistics AAS
Supply Chain Logistics Certificate.pdfSupply Chain Logistics Certificate

Health Science Programs

CIDESCO Readiness Certificate.pdfCIDESCO Readiness Certificate
Clinical Sports Massage AAS.pdfClinical Sports Massage AAS
Clinical Sports Massage Certificate.pdfClinical Sports Massage Certificate
Esthetician Certificate.pdfEsthetician Certificate
Esthetician Diploma.pdfEsthetician Diploma
Esthetician Medical Setting AAS.pdfEsthetician Medical Setting AAS
Esthetician Spa AAS.pdfEsthetician Spa AAS
Esthetics for Cosmetologist Certificate.pdfEsthetics for Cosmetologist Certificate
Esthetics Medical Setting Certificate.pdfEsthetics Medical Setting Certificate
Health Information Technology AAS.pdfHealth Information Technology AAS
Health Sciences Broad Field AS.pdfHealth Sciences Broad Field AS
Health Unit Coordinator Certificate.pdfHealth Unit Coordinator Certificate
Healthcare Informatics AAS.pdfHealthcare Informatics AAS
Massage Therapy Certificate.pdfMassage Therapy Certificate
Medical Coding Diploma.pdfMedical Coding Diploma
Medical Laboratory Technician AAS.pdfMedical Laboratory Technician AAS
Medical Office Certificate.pdfMedical Office Certificate
Medical Office Professional AAS.pdfMedical Office Professional AAS
Medical Transcription-Healthcare Documentation Specialist Certificate.pdfMedical Transcription-Healthcare Documentation Specialist Certificate
Nursing Assistant Home Health Aide Certificate.pdfNursing Assistant Home Health Aide Certificate
Nursing Station Technician Certificate.pdfNursing Station Technician Certificate
Personal Trainer AAS.pdfPersonal Trainer AAS
Personal Trainer Certificate.pdfPersonal Trainer Certificate
Personal Trainer Diploma.pdfPersonal Trainer Diploma
Pharmacy Technician AAS.pdfPharmacy Technician AAS
Pharmacy Technician Diploma.pdfPharmacy Technician Diploma
Phlebotomy Technician Certificate.pdfPhlebotomy Technician Certificate
Practical Nursing Diploma.pdfPractical Nursing Diploma
Public Health AS.pdfPublic Health AS
Registered Yoga Teacher Certificate.pdfRegistered Yoga Teacher Certificate
Respiratory Therapist AAS.pdfRespiratory Therapist AAS
Sterile Processing Certificate.pdfSterile Processing Certificate

Liberal Arts Courses

ART courses.pdfART courses
CHINESE courses.pdfCHINESE courses
DRAMA and THEATRE courses.pdfDRAMA and THEATRE courses
ECONOMICS courses.pdfECONOMICS courses
ENGLISH courses.pdfENGLISH courses
English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) courses.pdfEnglish for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) courses
ESOL Course Sequence Guide.pdfESOL Course Sequence Guide
GEOGRAPHY courses.pdfGEOGRAPHY courses
HISTORY courses.pdfHISTORY courses
HUMANITIES courses.pdfHUMANITIES courses
MUSIC courses.pdfMUSIC courses
PHILOSOPHY courses.pdfPHILOSOPHY courses
PSYCHOLOGY courses.pdfPSYCHOLOGY courses
READING courses.pdfREADING courses
SOCIOLOGY courses.pdfSOCIOLOGY courses
SPANISH courses.pdfSPANISH courses
SPEECH courses.pdfSPEECH courses