Internship Guidelines for Students
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Internship Guidelines for Students

  • Students should be in their second year of the human resource program. A student must receive approval from the program advisor prior to registering for an internship. 
  • The schedule, and number of hours to be worked, must be approved by the program advisor and the employer. 
  • The employer must be willing to evaluate the student's performance and give feedback to the intern and the program advisor. (Forms will be provided). 
  • The program advisor may make an on-site visit. 
  • The student will be dropped from the internship program, resulting in a loss of credits, for leaving employment setting before completion of required hours, being "fired" or asked to leave by the employer, gross misconduct, or any other inappropriate behavior or attitude. 
  • The student intern will notify both the employer/supervisor and the program advisor if unable to report to work on a scheduled day. 
  • Students understand that attendance is critical and they should treat their experience as a job, therefore arrangements should be made to avoid excessive absences. 
  • Students will initiate the cooperative internship agreement with employer and will have it on file with the program advisor within one week of starting the internship. 
  • The students intern is expected conform to industry ethical practices and will not divulge any of the employer's confidential information. 
  • Students must perform duties in the human resources or related department of the employer. 
  • Weekly log sheets are due to the program advisor every Monday, for the previous two-week time period. [Fax 651.846.1703 or bring in or send via mail] 
  • The student must e-mail or voice mail the program advisor on a weekly basis to keep in contact regarding the internship experience. 
  • The grade earned for internship will be issued by the program advisor after consulting with and/or reading the employer evaluation and the student self-evaluation. The grade can be affected by all the areas listed on the progress evaluation form, the final paper submitted by the student, and any of the previously mentioned guidelines. 
  • One credit of internship equals 48 hours of work. (3 credit internship = 144 hours of work). This is the minimum amount of hours for the internship. The time must be spread out to last the entire semester. 
  • Grading Criteria: The final grade for the internship will be determined by the instructor based on the following criteria: student completing minimum required internship hours, student submitting all required information, student submitting all information on a timely basis (as designated above), instructor analysis of the employer midterm and final student evaluations, instructor analysis of student final paper, and an instructor discussion with the employer (if instructor deems necessary.)