Music Business
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Music Business


The Music Business AAS Degree is an innovative curriculum designed to prepare students for today’s music industry. The degree has a business entrepreneur emphasis and is designed for both the performing musician and the business student. The program combines a flexible curriculum with an emphasis in business and marketing, along with music industry related course and experiences.

Typical career paths include musician, manager or agent, songwriter, and publisher. Since the industry has radically changed over the last decade and has largely become a field in which Do-It-Yourself skills have become essential survival tools, much of the curriculum is focused on the self-sufficiency of the student, and the ability to access all available means of production and promotion with superb technical skills, and relevant industry knowledge.

The entertainment industry is one of the largest industries worldwide. Next to the film industry, the music industry represents the largest component of the entertainment industry. Publishing, marketing, musical instrument sales, record companies, copyrights, management, music production, evolving Internet opportunities and other components of the music industry are explored in the new program. Wherever music is created or heard, there exists employment opportunities.

What You'll Learn
  • Skills and knowledge in music production, Internet opportunities, and marketing
  • Knowledge and skills in digital sound and video
  • Ability to access all available means of production and promotion
  • Technical skills and relevant industry knowledge
Career Settings
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Music production
  • Web site design
  • Blogging techniques
Potential Employers
  • Self-employed
  • Entertainment industry
Additional Benefits

Graduates will have knowledge and skills to provide foresight of potential opportunities in the management of the music business.​