Computer Graphics and Visualization
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Computer Graphics and Visualization

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Visualization is the technique of creating images, diagrams or animations to communicate messages. Visual imagery has been an effective way to communicate both abstract and concrete ideas for centuries.

The programs in the Digital Graphics and Interactive Multimedia department at Saint Paul College prepares students for jobs in the exciting computer graphics and animation field. Students will learn how to take an idea from concept through production including computer graphics, computer animation, sound and video.

Students interested in this field of study have a number of academic options available to them.

  • Computer Graphics and Visualization AS Degree – The AS degree is designed to provide students with the opportunity to transfer to a 4-year baccalaureate program. The 60-credit program contains a balance of general education courses and graphics courses.
  • Visualization Technology AAS Degree – The AAS degree is designed as a career program. This 60-credit program will provide you with the ability to focus on one of two area of graphics – Web Design or Animation.
  • Visualization Technology Certificate – This certificate provides students with a series of entry level courses that provide students the opportunity to gain some experience with software used for computer graphics. This is often a great addition to a marketing degree.
What You'll Learn

Depending on the program in which you enroll, you will learn varying levels of skills related to the following areas:

  • How to take an idea from concept through production including computer graphics, computer animation, sound and video.
  • Computer logic and programming
  • Web design and computer animation
  • How to create and edit digital sound for use in computer animation
  • Video production techniques including pre-production, production and post-production with focus on creating digital video
  • Computer graphics as a technical and creative medium
  • 2-D and 3-D graphic development and manipulation
  • Basic graphic programming, hardware, software applications, electronic storyboarding, electronic color theory, vector and raster graphics, electronic illustration, file types and formats, digital imaging and digital printing
Career Settings

Computer Graphics Specialists can work in a wide variety of creative jobs including web design, film and animation production, CD-ROM production and any organization that can benefit from these special talents. With more and more animation moving to the desktop, the computer graphics specialist is becoming a high demand career.

  • Web Designer
  • Computer Animator
  • Computer Game Designer and Developer
  • Multimedia Developer