Respiratory Therapist Faculty
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Respiratory Therapist Faculty

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Joe Buhain


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Joe Buhain has been an instructor in the Respiratory Care program at Saint Paul College since 2003, and is the program director, as well. Joe received one of our Nation’s highest honors on May 30, 2005, for his meritorious service while serving as a medic in the US Army Reserves in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has been honored further and named as one of “50 Heroes from 50 States” by the United States Department of Defense (Joe Buhain, one of 50 Heroes from 50 States, View all 50 Heroes from 50 States).

His favorite part about teaching is the interaction with students – preparatory to the beginning of the program and then seeing students growing to become full pledged Respiratory Therapists. He says that each class has a part that brings so much interest to the subject. The best part is seeing students learn the basics, getting the information across to them, and seeing them grasp the most knowledgeable aspects of Respiratory Care.

Joe is a member of the following organizations: American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC), National Board for Respiratory Care (NBRC), MN Board of Medical Practice, US ARMY NCO Corp, and the US Army Reserves. Joe’s educational credentials include BS in Health Care Administration, AS in Respiratory Care and an AA in Liberal Arts.

To read more detailed accounts of Joe Buhain’s humanitarian service, go to these Web pages:

Kathy Ross


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