Computer Network Careers
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Computer Network Careers


With almost every size company connected to some type of network, the jobs in networking have become the fastest growing jobs in the computer field. With companies networking to share resources and reduce expenses the networking specialist is an invaluable part of the company structure. Networking Specialists can work in a wide variety of jobs, including purchasing, installing, configuring, administrating, and user support.

What You'll Learn
  • Detailed understanding of PC hardware, including the many subsystems involved in processing and storing data.
  • Multiple Operating Systems (OS) and learn how to customize and troubleshoot each OS.
  • Basic networking theory with special emphasis placed on the TCP/IP family of networking protocols and how they apply to Microsoft and/or Linux network models.
  • Experience working with various networking hardware and with exposure to multiple network topologies and configurations.
Career Settings
  • Networking Engineer
  • Network Administrator
  • Certified Network Engineer
  • PC Hardware Technician
  • Network Help Desk Support
Potential Employers
  • Twin Modal, Inc.
  • Signature Software, Inc.
  • City of Saint Paul
  • Department of Revenue, State of Minnesota
  • Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System
Additional Benefits
  • Gain experience in system design, analysis, and maintenance with the latest computer technology.
  • Gain additional experience in troubleshooting various PC-related problems.
  • All networking programs emphasize training toward vendor certification.