Culinary Arts Wine Professional
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Culinary Arts Wine Professional

Culinary Arts Wine Professional

The Wine Professional Certificate Program is an intensive, professional development program that covers the fundamentals of viticulture, winemaking techniques, major wine regions and styles, sensory evaluation of wine, professional wine service, the business of wine, and wine marketing strategies. Graduates of this program will be prepared for careers in the restaurant/hospitality industry, wine distribution and wholesale/retail wine trade. Intended for hospitality professionals this certificate program would also delight the wine enthusiast.

Staying on top! The ‘premiumisation’ of wine is on everyone’s radar, as $10-15 dollar range of wines is now becoming the norm. Millennia’s are driving this trend, they like to experiment with wine varietals and try everything new. The story also matters; consumers are more interested than ever about the winemaker, how the wine is produced, and the history behind it and where it’s from. Other facts like, organics, biodynamics, sulfites etc. are also top consumer questions. This means that more knowledge is needed by the industry to keep current and stay competitive. Wine sales are an important profit center for the restaurant/ hospitality industry and thus a comprehensive knowledge of wine is critical for maximizing outcomes. The Wine Professional certificate provides the graduate with a strong knowledge of wine, wine service skills and wine marketing strategies.

Wine Industry Metrics: February 2016 Data Released on 3.15.2016 Winery Job Index Up 12% in February, Led by Hospitality Jobs, and The Winery Job Index rose by 12% in February compared to a year ago after a small dip in January. Hiring activity for hospitality roles was up 22% for the fastest-growth rate of the three-winery job subcategories, according to Sales and marketing job activity also grew in double digits.
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All 9 credits in the Wine Certificate program must be taken concurrently. Students must be at least 21 years of age to enroll in this program.

Wine and Artisan Foods Certificate

The Wine and Artisan Foods certificate provides the graduate with a strong knowledge of wine, wine service skills and wine marketing strategies in addition to current trends in food and wine pairing and preparing Artisan Foods. See Wine and Artisan Foods Certificate Program Requirements Guide for more information.

What You'll Learn
  • How to enhance wine and food pairing opportunities
  • How to improve menu and wine list compatibility
  • Fundamentals of viticulture and winemaking
  • Professional wine service techniques and choosing appropriate equipment
  • Grape varietals used to make wine, including the impact of terroir (climate/soil)
  • Professional tasting techniques for assessment and evaluation of wine
  • Wine producing regions of the world
  • Wine business considerations such as pricing, trends, environmental storage, and wine regulations
Career Settings
  • Restaurant and hospitality industry
  • Wine distribution companies
  • Wholesale / retail wine trade companies
  • Minnesota (Regional) wineries
Additional Benefits
  • Students will graduate with a strong knowledge of wine, wine service skills and wine marketing strategies.
  • Graduates will have knowledge and skills in wine business considerations, including wine merchandising, marketing, public relations.
  • Experience professional training in a hands-on environment
  • Students will graduate with portfolio pieces that will aid in their job search.