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Carpenters make up the largest trade group in the construction industry. They do framing with steel and wood; they install wood paneling, cabinets, windows, doors, and door hardware; and they build stairs and frame roofs. Carpenters work under a wide variety of conditions, and use many different hand and power tools. They work with wood, concrete, metals, plastics, and other construction materials. Many graduates continue their training by entering a formal apprentice program.

What You'll Learn
  • To safely use many different hand and power tools.
  • To frame walls with steel or wood.
  • Interpret blueprints and specifications.
  • Build stairs, frame roofs, install doors & windows.
  • Learn scaffold erection and concrete form building.
  • Use the latest electronic surveying instruments.
  • Work with wood, plastics, concrete, metals, gypsum, and various fiber composite products.
Career Settings
  • Work in many different phases of a construction project or specialize in one area.
  • Build homes, schools, shopping centers, factories, hotels and other public and private buildings.
  • Work for a variety of construction contractors.
  • Become self-employed.
  • Advance on the job to foreman and job superintendent.
Potential Employers
  • Greiner Construction
  • Frana & Sons, Inc.
  • J & K Builders
  • Kraus Anderson
  • McGough Construction
  • CECO Concrete
Additional Benefits
  • Learn from experienced instructors who teach in a "hands-on" environment.
  • Work in the largest trade group in the construction industry.
  • Start employment with an established knowledge of the tools and materials used in the trade.
  • Become familiar with job site safety and safe working practices.