Electrical Technology
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Electrical Technology

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An electrician is employed to install electrical wiring and equipment for lighting, heating, cooling and other power requirements in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Using blueprints, diagrams and specifications, students perform installations in accordance with national, state and local safety codes. Considerable physical exertion is often required and the work may be performed outdoors or under such hazardous conditions as heights, unfinished construction or high voltages.

Students should have an interest and aptitude in applied higher algebra, trigonometry, drawing and science. Good eyesight and color vision are important.

What You'll Learn
  • Installation of electrical wiring for a variety of wiring methods and power systems in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.
  • Pipe bending and tool usage.
  • Interpreting blueprints and wiring diagrams.
  • Electrical theory
  • Use of electrical testing equipment.
  • Become familiar with the requirements of national, state, and local safety codes as they relate to electrical system installations.
Career Settings
  • Commercial construction
  • Residential construction
  • Industrial construction
  • Building maintenance
  • Electric companies and cooperatives
  • Government agencies
  • Building maintenance
Potential Employers
  • Electrical contracting firms such as Hunt Electric, Collins Electric, Peoples Electric
  • Electrical utility companies
  • Federal, State, County or City government agencies
  • Railroad companies
Additional Benefits
  • Learn from experienced instructors who teach in a "hands on" environment.
  • Study in a program with an excellent program reputation.
  • Be affiliated with a college and a program with strong ties to industry and Joint Apprenticeship Training.
  • A step toward becoming a career journeyman electrician
  • With work experience, this is the basic education for an electrical career, such as a master electrician, electrical inspector, electrical sales person, estimator, independent contractor and repair persons.