Book Charging Instructions
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Book Charging Instructions

 The book charging request is available for Fall Semester 2015.

 Make Book Charging Request

Please read the instructions below.

If you are activating your network account for the first time or you have already activated your account today, you will not be able to apply for a book voucher until the next day.  If you enter an incorrect password too many times it will redirect you to a blank page.  Please reset your password and try again.

You must fill out and submit the Book Voucher Request online. You will receive an e-mail to your Saint Paul College e-mail account with your approved voucher amount. You will need to have your student ID, a copy for your schedule and a copy of your e-mail notification to charge against your financial aid. If you need additional funds than originally approved for please submit an additional request. You will receive an e-mail with your approved voucher amount by 12:00pm of the following business day.

Use your college network account to make request. You can reference your Saint Paul College email address to identify your user name. Your user name is the first part of your email before the For example,  

When you enter your username please add "mail\" before it. (ex. mail\Username) Your password will be the same password you use to log-in to the computers here at the college.

Example Login
Username: mail\username
Password: Same password to log-in to the computers at the college.