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Admissions Process

Saint Paul College welcomes applications for admission to the College. The Admissions Process starts with filling out the application online. Admission to program majors is based on assessment results and potential to succeed in a program

Admission to many individual courses is open; however, admission to some courses is based on meeting course prerequisites and program admission requirements.

Admission to a Major Program

Students are accepted into a major program for the purpose of obtaining a specific degree, diploma, or certificate. Enrollment Services also provides information regarding application and admission to the various selective programs offered at the College.

Students may change their major program by meeting the prescribed admission requirements for the desired program.

Application Procedure

If you have not applied to nor enrolled in Saint Paul College previously, follow this application procedure:

  1. Complete an application online.
  2. Complete the ACCUPLACER assessment. Complete the ACCUPLACER Assessment in reading, writing, and math or complete the English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) Assessment if you are a non-native speaker of English.
  3. Provide proof of high school diploma or GED. Request high school transcripts and/or GED scores, as well as official transcripts, from all secondary and post-secondary institutions attended to be sent to Saint Paul College.  Transfer Students: Application Procedure for Transfer Students

More information for High School Students


Students who have interrupted attendance at Saint Paul College must contact the Office of Enrollment Services to apply for re-admission. To have assessment tests waived based on coursework completed at another institution, contact the Transfer Center at 651.846.1739.

If you have previously applied, enrolled, or requested information from Saint Paul College, please contact the Office of Enrollment Services so your records can be updated.

Notification of Admission

You will receive notification via email that you’ve been admitted to Saint Paul College, and you will also receive information about attending a New Student Orientation, Advising & Registration session. At Orientation, you’ll have an opportunity to register earlier with the assistance of an advisor.

For answers to frequently asked questions on the Admissions process: Questions & Answers

For more information contact Enrollment Services at 651.846.1555.​​​