Online Learning at Saint Paul College
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Online Learning at Saint Paul College

Saint Paul College is committed to providing learning opportunities utilizing the latest technology, including online courses at places and times that are convenient to the student. Technology and its application allow the expansion of learning access to educational opportunities that may not be otherwise possible.​

At Saint Paul College, online learning takes place via the learning management system, D2L Brightspace, which is accessible through computers and mobile devices.

What is Online Learning?
Online learning refers to learning that can take place anywhere, anytime over the internet through a learning management system, such as D2L Brightspace, and allows students and faculty to communicate regardless of the distance between them. ​  

Saint Paul College offers students online learning experiences using two delivery methods:

  • Completely Online - Asynchronous
    The course is completely online.​ All of the instruction is delivered asynchronously (not in real-time) online without any required meetings on campus. 
    Some courses may require exams to be proctored
    on-campus or
    other proctor location. More info on Proctoring Services.
  • Blended/Hybrid
    These courses are a combination of classroom and online coursework, and will have specific times that students must meet in the classroom and online.

​To view online courses being offered each term, go to the Course Schedule and select "Advanced Search" and the Delivery Method of "Online (web only)" or "Hybrid Classroom/Online." You may narrow your search further with more advanced search options for Day, Time, MnTC Goal, Subject, Start Date, etc.

Read about Internet Etiquette 

Online Programs

Saint Paul College offers the following programs completely online:

Is Online Learning right for me?

Online courses are great options for students who wouldn’t otherwise be able to take classes due to scheduling conflicts; however, online learning is not for everyone. If you can answer these 10 questions with a “Yes”, then learning online is a good option for you:

  • Are you self-motivated, self-disciplined, and able to keep yourself on schedule?
  • Do you own a computer and have 24/7 access to a high-speed internet connection?
  • Are you skilled at using Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, internet browsers, and uploading, downloading, attaching, and saving files?
  • Do you know how to use the Dropbox, Quizzes, Surveys, and Discussions in D2L Brightspace?
  • Are you able to understand and follow written instructions without verbal explanation?
  • Do you have above-average writing and communication skills?
  • Can you devote 6 to 10 hours a week for just one class?
  • Do you know where to find computer and D2L Brightspace help?
  • Are you willing to ask your instructor for help?
  • Do you have a designated study space that is free of distractions?

Students in online courses must be motivated, organized and disciplined; you will not have an instructor looking over your shoulder reminding you to complete your work. Online courses are more rigorous than face-to-face classes and deadlines are firm; you should devote 6-10 hours per week for EACH online course you take.

Here are some additional resources available to help you decide if taking an online course is right for you:

How to Register

Follow the guidelines on the Registration​ page.  

For technical assistance accessing D2L Brightspace and/or D2L Brightspace courses, e-mail​​​ ​​​​​​​​