Give yourself some credit this summer!
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Give yourself some credit this summer!

Summer classes, Serious Savings. 

Considering taking summer classes? Saint Paul College is the smart choice!

Summer classes at Saint Paul College will allow you to shorten the time it will take to earn your degree, while saving hundreds of dollars. The average 4-credit liberal arts course at Saint Paul College will cost $693.08, including all fees and charges. See how much YOU can save by taking a 4-credit course at Saint Paul College:

What could you do with an extra $800 to $5,000 this summer. 
College or University Cost for 4 credits
Summer 2013*
How much you’ll save by taking your class at Saint Paul College**
Augsburg $3,818 $3,125
St. Catherine University $4,308 $3,615
Concordia University - Saint Paul $1,900 $1,207
Hamline University $4,160 $3,467
Macalester College $5,436 $4,743
MCAD $5,424 $4,731
Saint Mary's University $1,484 $791
University of St. Thomas $4,130 $3,437

Start here to complete your application and save while you learn this summer