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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Tutoring Services

FREE peer tutorin​g for all Saint P​aul College students!

Walk-ins are welcome - no a​ppointment necessary!

Free tutoring is provided for all Saint Paul College students at two centers, each focusing on different subjects. The tutoring centers provide academic resources and support to help students become more successful and achieve t​heir academic goals.

View Peer Tutoring informatio​n an​d how to apply to become a Peer Tutor.​​

Math Center
The Math Center provides free tutoring to all current Saint Paul College students in all levels of math, physics and chemistry:

  • All levels of Math
  • Physics
  • Chemistry

Go to​athCenter for more information.

Writing Center
The Writing Center provides free writing support to all current Saint Paul College students at any stage in the writing process, including assistance with the following:

  • grammar
  • essay writing
  • research
  • citation
  • any writing-related questions

Go to​/Writin​gCenter for more information.

Tutors and tutoring policy

All tutoring center tutors are peer tutors. Peer tutors are faculty-recommended and extensively trained students who have demonstrated both strong subject proficiency as well as an aptitude for communicating complex concepts in a clear manner. Our tutors also possess an enthusiasm for learning and enjoy helping others.

The tutors are instructed to help students become more independent in their academic pursuits. Tutors are not permitted to correct or complete problems or assignments for students, proofread or edit student papers, or teach students course content because they have been absent from class.

View more information on tutoring policies​

Prepare for successful tutoring sessions
Our primary goal is to help students become independent learners. Students will make the most of our tutoring services if they do the following:

  • Bring their assignment, textbook and syllabus with them
  • Prepare specific questions for their tutor
  • Begin their assignment (or at least try to)
  • Bring a positive attitude and a willingness to try.

Tutors will do the following for students:

  • Review rules, concepts and types of problems with them;
  • Ensure that they are following the directions of their assignment correctly;
  • Find patterns of errors in their paper;
  • Give them valuable feedback on their paper;
  • Help them to better organize their writing;
  • Help them to find the answer themselves;
  • Offer them study tips;
  • Offer them encouragement;
  • Direct them to important self-help resources.


If you have any questions about tutoring, please e-mail us at Tutoring Services or call us at 651.846.1623​​​

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