Use of Parking Access Cards
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Use of Parking Access Cards

Obtaining Parking Access Cards
Parking access cards can be obtained at the Tuition Office and Parking windows any time of the year and at designated location during the 1st week of each semester.

Use your parking access card every time you enter or exit
You must use your parking access card every time you enter or exit Saint Paul College parking lots. If you do not use your card to enter or exit the lot, the parking access system will not allow you to enter or exit.

Please use the intercom system if you are experiencing any problems while entering or exiting.

Use of short-term parking ticket
If you request a short term parking ticket from the Marshall Avenue Visitor lane upon entering the lot, you must use that short term parking ticket and pay even if you possess a parking access card. Exceptions may be granted under exigent circumstances.

Use intercom system if you need help to exit/enter parking lot
If you are experiencing any issues with the parking access system, please use the intercom button located on every column and pay in the lane machines to ask for help. The intercom will connect you to the Parking Office and the Public Safety front desk. We are available to assist you with any issue you are experiencing. If the intercom is busy, please call 651.846.1322 for assistance.

Who do I see about parking issues?
The parking office is located in Room 1245 across the hall from the Records Office and behind the business office. Office hours are 7:00am - 3:30pm Monday - Friday. The parking office can be reached by email or by calling 651.846.1797. For after-hours assistance, please contact Public Safety at 651.846.1322

Revocation of parking privileges, towing, fines
The following actions can result in revocation of parking privileges, towing at owners expense, fines and/or suspension for access card misuse for improperly entering or exiting Saint Paul College parking lots, but are not limited to:

  • tailgating while entering or exiting
  • driving over curbs, grass, sidewalks, etc. to enter or exit Saint Paul College parking lots
  • using a ticket to gain entry while possessing an active parking access card
  • removal of control arms
  • forcing the arms to a raised position by any means
  • letting another individual use your access card to gain entry or to exit