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CLEP Information

  • Earn credit at Saint Paul College for what you already know​
  • Fulfill a graduation requirement
  • Advance to higher-level classes
  • Reduce tuition costs
What is CLEP?

The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) is a series of examinations in 33 introductory college subjects. These exams allow individuals to earn college credit for what they already know, regardless of how that knowledge was acquired through advanced course work, independent study, work experience, professional development or extracurricular activities. Saint Paul College awards credit for successful scores on CLEP exams.

CLEP exams are approximately 90 minutes long and are administered on computer. Students receive instant score reports following completion of the exam, with the exception of College Composition.

For more information about CLEP exams and for tips on preparing to take an exam, visit:

How to register for a CLEP exam
Students must create a College Board account and purchase exam vouchers online prior to test date at​. On test date, student must bring CLEP Registration Ticket, government issued Photo ID, and $20 non-refundable administration fee payable at our Tuition Window, first floor. If proper identification is not presented, students will not be able to test. Testing Center is located on the 3rd Floor in Room 3145. ​​

Space is limited, registration is required. Please click on one of the dates below to register:​

Disability Accommodations for CLEP
Students who have documented disabilities can request test accommodations through the Saint Paul College Office of Access & Disability Res​ources. To request accommodations, students must:

  1. Provide documentation from a qualified medical professional that describes the disability and functional limitations. For more information on documentation requirements, visit:
  2. Meet with the Director of Access & Disability Resources at Saint Paul College to submit documentation and obtain an accommodation letter to provide to the Testing Center.

Accommodation requests must be submitted to the Director of Access & Disability Resources at Saint Paul College at least 2 weeks before your test date. For more information or to set up an appointment, please contact Emily Holl, Director of Access & Disability Resources, 651.846.1547 or

Each CLEP exam costs $87. In addition, Saint Paul College charges a $20 non-refundable administration fee (check, cash, and credit-card except American Express accepted) for each CLEP exam payable at the Tuition Office. Please make checks payable to Saint Paul College. A paid receipt of the administration fee must be shown before test registration.

Saint Paul College requests that all CLEP exams be paid for online with a credit card. The College Board charges an $87 fee for each CLEP exam purchased​.​ Prices are subject to change without notice.

Below is a listing of the examinations for which Saint Paul College Community & Technical College awards credit, the credit-granting score required the amount of credit granted, and the equivalent course.

collapse Category : Business ‎(5)
Financial Accounting5045ACCT 2410 + 2420 – Financial Accounting & Managerial Accounting8
Business Law, Introductory5051Elective3
Information Systems5052Elective3
Management, Principles of5046BUSN 2450 - Management Fundamentals3
Marketing, Principles of5050BUSN 2110 – Principles of Marketing3
collapse Category : Composition & Literature ‎(5)
American Literature5046ENGL 2721 + 2722 - Survey of American Literature 1 + 2(Goals 6, 7)6
Analyzing and Interpreting Literature5049ENGL elective (Goal 6)6
College Composition5044ENGL 1711 + 1712 - Composition 1 + 2 (Goal 1)6
English Literature5046ENGL elective (Goal 6)6
Humanities50420HUMA elective (Goal 6)6
collapse Category : Foreign Languages ‎(6)
French5042LANG Elective (Goal 8)6
French59 (62 required from 7/1/2001 - 3/31/2008)45LANG Elective (Goal 8)10
German5036LANG Elective (Goal 8)6
German60 (62 required from 7/1/2001 - 5/31/2008)42LANG Elective (Goal 8)10
Spanish5045LANG Elective (Goal 8)6
Spanish6350SPAN 1710 + 1720 - Beginning Spanish 1 + 2 (Goal 8)12
collapse Category : History and Social Sciences ‎(12)
American Government5047POLS Elective (Goals 5, 9)3
Educational Psychology, Intro to5051POLS Elective (Goal 5)3
History of the U.S. I: Early Colonization to 18775045HIST 1745 - U.S. History to 1865 (Goals 5, 7)4
History of the U.S. II:  1865 to the Present5045HIST 1746 - U.S. History Since 1865 (Goals 5, 7)4
Human Growth and Development5045PSYC 1720 - Psychology Throughout the Lifespan (Goals 5, 9)3
Macroeconomics, Principles of5044ECON 1720 - Macroeconomics (Goals 5, 8)3
Microeconomics, Principles of5041ECON 1730 - Microeconomics (Goals 5, 8)3
Psychology, Introductory5047PSYC 1710 - General Psychology (Goal 5)4 (6 from 7/1/2001 – 9/30/2012)
Social Sciences and History50420INTS Elective (Goals 5, 8)6
Sociology, Introductory5047SOCI 1710 - Introduction to Sociology (Goals 5, 7)4
Western Civilization I:  Ancient Near East to 16485046HIST Elective (Goals 5, 8)3
Western Civilization II:  1648 to the Present5047HIST Elective (Goals 5, 8)3
collapse Category : Science and Mathematics ‎(8)
Biology5046BIOL 1740 - General Biology: The Living Cell (Goal 3)5
Calculus5041MATH 2749 - Calculus 1 (Goal 4)4 (3 from 7/1/2001 to 9/30/2012; 6 prior to 7/1/2001)
Chemistry5047CHEM 1711 + 1712 - Principles of Chemistry 1 + 2 (Goal 3)8
College Algebra5046MATH 1730 - College Algebra (Goal 4)3
College Algebra-Trigonometry (No Longer Offered as of 9/1/2006)5245MATH 1760 - Pre-Calculus (Goal 4)3
College Mathematics50420MATH 1710 - Liberal Arts Mathematics (Goal 4)6
Pre-Calculus50N/AMATH 1762 - Pre-Calculus (Goal 4)5 (4 prior to 7/1/2016)
Natural Sciences50420NSCI Elective (Goal 3, 10)6

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