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Course Registration Permission Request

If you are attempting to register for a course with a required prerequisite and have taken the required prerequisite at another institution and need permission to register, you will need to fill out and submit the Course Registration Permission Request Form.​​

You will need the following information to complete the Course Registration Permission Request Form:

  1. Subject and Number of the course you would like to register for at Saint Paul College (ex: CHEM 1711)
  2. Name of the college where you completed the prerequisite
  3. Subject and Number of the prerequisite you took at the previous college (ex: CHEM 1700)
  4. PDF of Transcript ​(all documents must include full name of student and name of college).

You will receive an email response within three full business days. If your course registration permission request is approved you will be able to register after you have received our email response.​


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