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Credit for Prior Learning​

  • Credit for Life Work/Work Experience (Prior Learning)

    Prior Learning (Competency-Based Education) allows students to present nontraditional learning as competencies to be evaluated for credit by qualified faculty members towards their educational program. These competencies must be the equivalent of what would have been achieved through college coursework. At Saint Paul College, Credit for Prior Learning offers, on a limited basis, students with sufficient work, non-college credit and/or life learning experiences, the opportunity to document competencies and theory learning relevant to specific courses offered at the College. Credits earned from prior learning must be applicable to the student’s program of study. The Credit for Prior Learning option may be available for a limited number of technical courses. Students interested in pursuing the option of earning credit for prior learning must discuss this option with the assigned Faculty Advisor.

  • CLEP—College Level Examination Program

    Saint Paul College will consider CLEP exam credits for students who want to test out of general education courses and selected business courses. A maximum of 30 credits may be applied toward an associate degree. No letter grades will be recorded on the transcript. Credit will be awarded based on the American Council on Education (ACE) recommendations. Credit will not be given which repeats completed coursework.

    Note: Colleges establish their own policies for accepting CLEP credit. Students should consult their transfer college’s CLEP policy to determine whether CLEP credits will transfer and/or how they will be accepted. Consult the College Board Web site (www.collegeboard.org) for testing locations, fees and exam information.

    CLEP Table and Inf​ormation

    Note: CLEP exams have changed and there are no longer General Exams as distinguished from Subject Exams. Computer-based CLEP exams administered prior to July 1, 2001 have the same score scale and credit-granting score as its paper-based counterpart. All CLEP computer-based testing (CBT) exams administered after July 1, 2001 have a uniform ACE recommended credit-granting score of 50 for all subjects.

  • AP - Advanced Placement

    Advanced Placement gives high school students an opportunity to take college-level courses in various subject areas. A score of 3 is the minimum for credit to be awarded. Grades of 3, 4 or 5 qualify students for credits and/or placement into advanced courses at Saint Paul College. Credit can be given for a specific college course if a test covers substantially similar material. If the test material does not match an existing course, students will be given elective credit. Saint Paul College will grant credit for AP examinations according to the following: Students may petition for elective credits to meet certain general education requirements for an Associate Degree. There is no limit to the total number of credits a student can earn through AP courses and tests. An official AP score report must be sent to the college using Saint Paul College 4 digit code 0534.

    AP Exam course Equivalenc​y Table

  • IB—Int​ernational Baccalaureate (for High School Students)

    The International Baccalaureate (IB) program is an internationally recognized program through which high school students complete a comprehensive curriculum of rigorous study and demonstrate performance on IB examinations. Students may present a full IB diploma or a certificate recognizing specific higher level or standard level test scores.

    Students who attain an International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma shall be granted six (6) lower division course credits for scores of 4 or higher on each Higher Level IB examinations and two (2) lower division course credits for scores of 4 or higher on each Standard Level IB examination.

  • Tech Prep

    Tech Prep affords high school students an opportunity to receive college credit in many subjects. Tech Prep programs effectively blend academic and technical education in a challenging and purposeful course of study that can lead to employment and credit toward further education. Since the workplace has changed significantly enough to require some training after high school, but not necessarily a full four-year degree, tech prep programs offer viable new options for high school students who want to connect learning with life. Tech Prep credit is awarded for high school classes in various subject areas. Many programs are articulated between Saint Paul Public Schools and Saint Paul College. Consult a high school counselor for more information concerning Tech Prep.

  • Internationa​l Transcripts

    Saint Paul College does not evaluate international transcripts. If you have a transcript from a foreign country, you must have a third party transcript evaluator determine how the courses translate to U.S. courses. While we will accept evaluations from any AICE (www.aice-eval.org) or NACES member (www.naces.org), we highly recommend Educational Credential Evaluators (www.ece.org) or World Education Services, Inc. (www.wes.org). Saint Paul College reserves the right to request additional information from you such as course descriptions, syllabi, etc. Transfer Specialists can look at a copy prior to evaluation if the transcript is in English to determine whether it is worthwhile to pursue the third party evaluation process (i.e., whether there are courses that are likely to transfer).

    Note: Credits earned through Credit for Prior Learning may not transfer to other colleges.

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