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Administrator Resources

Thanks for your interest in Saint Paul College’s Concurrent Enrollment Program! The district and high school administrative teams are important partners for a successful Concurrent Enrollment Program.

For schools interested in offering their first Saint Paul College Concurrent Enrollment course(s), please contact the Director of College Partnerships, Katie Pierre ( or 651.856.1637), to begin the conversation. Administering a Concurrent Enrollment program takes considerable time and communication between the high school and Saint Paul College Concurrent Enrollment Program staff.

High schools are tasked with identifying eligible students, administering placement testing (if necessary), and coordinating applications and registration to meet the Saint Paul College deadlines. Each high school will need a point person who can coordinate all elements of the Concurrent Enrollment Program.

Please visit High School Faculty Credentialing & Application Process under Concurrent Enrollment High School Faculty Resources for additional information.

Cost Structure

Saint Paul College charges its Partner High Schools for each concurrent enrollment course to cover costs of the faculty liaison and program administration.

Minnesota State has uniform pricing for concurrent enrollment programs at its institutions and charges based on a mentor-mentee relationship.

Please contact Katie Pierre, Director of College Partnerships, at or 651.846.1637 for further cost information.

Textbooks & Course Materials

Appropriate textbook or reading materials should be ordered/used in consultation with the faculty liaison and the high school faculty member. The cost of the textbooks and course materials is the responsibility of the Partner High School. Supplemental materials may suffice for a textbook with approval from the faculty liaison.

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