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Saint Paul College A Community & Technical College

​Current Course Offerings

For the 2023 - 2024 academic year, Saint Paul College is offering the following concurrent courses in the locations listed below. (Please note: You must be enrolled as a student in that high school to take a concurrent course offered there.)

High School
ARTS 1720: Art Appreciation
Gateway to CollegeENGL 1711: Composition 1
STSC 1200: College Success Strategies
HardingENGL 1711: Composition 1
MATH 1730: College Algebra
HighlandBUSN 1410: Introduction to Business
BUSN 1449: Business Communication
HumboldtBIOL 1740: General Biology 1
BIOL 1740: General Biology 1
BIOL 1745: General Biology 2
MATH 1730: College Algebra
LEAPBIOL 1471: Medical Terminology
DGIM 1483: Photoshop 1
DGIM 1484: Photoshop 2
DGIM 2560: Illustrator
HLTH 1410: Medical Ter​minology
MATH 1730: College Algebra
Washington TechBIOL 1740: General Biology 1
CHEM 1700: Chemistry Concepts
ENGL 1711: Composition 1

Course descriptions can be found in our college catalog.

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