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Faculty Liaison Resources

Welcome to Saint Paul College’s Concurrent Enrollment Program! Faculty Liaisons are integral to the success of our Concurrent Enrollment Program. Faculty Liaisons verify that High School Concurrent Enrollment Faculty teach a rigorous, college-level course identical to that offered in an on-campus setting.

Please review the Faculty Mentor Manual as it contains information relevant to your role with Saint Paul College’s Concurrent Enrollment Program.


As a Faculty Liaison, you will be compensated for your time. Article 13 of the 2019-2021 MSCF Master Agreement, Section 10. PSEO/Concurrent Enrollment states: "Payment for assignments for mentoring/monitoring instruction in the college/high school credit programs shall be paid on a pro-rata credit equivalent basis. In no case shall an individual who does not meet minimum qualifications in the credential field of the course be assigned to mentor or do similar work. Liaisons for these programs shall be compensated at the rate of one (1) credit for the first time an Faculty is mentored in a course and one-half (½) credit each successive time."


Faculty Liaisons complete an Agreement Form which outlines the expectations of their role

To assure that all standards are the same for Concurrent Enrollment Program courses and corresponding on-campus courses, Faculty Liaisons schedule at least one site visit (per semester class) with the High School Concurrent Enrollment Faculty. These visits serve as opportunities to discuss Course Outlines, syllabi, teaching styles, learning styles, assessment standards, grading standards, and grade distribution. Following this visit, Faculty Liaisons submit a detailed Concurrent Enrollment Site Visit Report. Faculty Liaisons will discuss their thoughts and observations with High School Concurrent Enrollment Faculty prior to submitting any of their Site Visit Reports to Saint Paul College. High School Concurrent Enrollment Faculty are asked to submit a reflection about this visit to their Faculty Liaison and Director of College Partnerships. 

In addition to the site visit, Faculty Liaisons are responsible for offering discipline specific professional development for each of their High School Concurrent Enrollment Faculty once per academic year. The goal of this activity is to further collegial interaction and enhance instructors’ pedagogy and breadth of knowledge in the discipline. Faculty Liaisons complete a Professional Development Report and submit any supporting materials to the Director of College Partnerships.

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