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Financial Aid Forms

Securely upload your Financial Aid documents​ to the Financial Aid Office by using the Secure Uploader. Some documents include Financial Aid Status Letters, Tax forms, Child Care Grant Applications, Maximum Timeframe Appeals, etc. Submitted documents can take up to four weeks for processing. Any updates or requests for more information will be sent to your Saint Paul College email.

NOTE: Access to PDF (Portable Document Format) files requires a PDF viewer such as Adobe Reader (which is available as a free dow​nload).​ Ready to submit your completed form? Learn how to take a picture on your mobile device and convert it to a PDF before uploading it (see Stay Connected Virtually).​

collapse group : 2020-2021 Academic Year ‎(10)
CHILD CARE GRANT APP 2020-2021.pdf
Consortium Agreement 2020-2021.pdf
Dependency Override Appeal 2020-21.pdf
Income Adjustment Appeal 2020-2021.pdf
Loans for Graduate Prerequisites 2020-2021.pdf
Maximum Timeframe Suspension Appeal 2020-2021.pdf
Minnesota Residency Petition 2020-2021.pdf
Request for Transcript of Tax Return, IRS Form 4506-T 2020-2021.pdf
Selective Service Form – Request for Status Information Letter 2020-2021.pdf
Verification of Non-Filing Statement 2020-2021 fillable.pdf
collapse group : 2019-2020 Academic Year ‎(11)
Consortium Agreement 2019-2020.pdf
Dependency Override Appeal 2019-2020.pdf
Loans for Graduate Prerequisites.pdf
Maximum Timeframe Suspension Appeal 2019-2020.pdf
Minnesota Child Care Grant Application 2019-2020.pdf
Minnesota Residency Petition 2019-2020.pdf
Request for Direct Loan Adjustment 2019-2020.pdf
Request for Transcript of Tax Return, IRS Form 4506-T 2019-2020.pdf
Selective Service Form – Request for Status Information Letter 2019-2020.pdf
Special Circumstances Appeal 2019-2020.pdf
Verification of Non-Filing Statement 2019-2020.pdf


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