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Course Placement

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Saint Paul College uses course placements to determine if you meet the requirements of a program. Each major has their own requirements for English, Reading, and Math, listed on their Program Requirements Guide. We need to have course placements on file before we can declare a major for you.

We can determine course placement for Reading, English, and Math through waivers or assessments.

We can use the following information to waive Reading, English, and Math assessments:

Click here for more detailed information on how we determine placements: Reading/English & Math.

  • Unofficial transcript(s) from a college or university with a grade of C or higher*
  • ACT/SAT/MCA scores within the last 5 years
  • ACCUPLACER scores: Math scores are valid for 2 years, and Reading/Writing scores are valid for 5 years from test date
  • AP classes in which the college-level assessment was passed with a 3 or higher
  • IB classes in which the college-level assessment was passed with a 4 or higher
  • Unofficial transcript(s) of College in the Schools classes
  • High School transcripts with a GPA of 2.8 or higher within the last 10 year

Attach any of these documents to the Assessment Waiver Request.

* Please note: If you are looking to transfer in college credit in addition to using your transcripts to waive assessments, you will need to submit your official transcript for a formal Transcript Evaluation.

If a student does not have any of the above means for placements, Saint Paul College uses the following assessments to provide course placement.

Reading/English/English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Assessment

If a student does not have any of the above means for placements, Saint Paul College uses an in-house Reading/English/EAP Assessment to determine what is the most appropriate placement level for each student. Once a student completes the assessment, it will be graded by a Saint Paul College instructor. The instructor will then recommend what Reading and English placement level the student should be placed into based on how the student performed on the assessment.

Begin The Assessment

Once the assessment is graded, an One Stop Advisor will contact the student to discuss the recommended Reading and English placement level, what it means, and what the student’s next steps are. Please allow up to four business days to receive your course placement recommendation.



Saint Paul College currently uses the Math ACCUPLACER to determine Math placements for students who cannot be placed through other means.

The Math ACCUPLACER is offered on-campus through our Testing Center.

We always want to make sure that you are prepared to be successful in your classes, and you may not be placed at college-level right away. Click on the items below to see the flow of classes based on your given placements.

If you need accommodations for placements, please contact our office of Access and Resources, at or 651.350.3008.

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