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​​​​​​​​​Student Resources

  • Eligibility Requirements

    To participate in Saint Paul College’s Concurrent Enrollment Program, students must meet a number of eligibility requirements. Students must meet class rank requirements established by the Minnesota Statutes section 124D.09 and Minnesota State Board Policy 3.5 and Procedure 3.5.1. Students should work with their high school to determine if they are qualified for the program.

  • Enrollment Information

    Enrollment in courses is coordinated at your high school. High school students will complete the online application following concurrent enrollment application instructions. Once the application is complete, a student will be able to register for their course by logging into eServices* and using the directions the Director of College Partnerships or college staff will provide to their High School Instructor. Once the class has completed registration, the High School Instructor will send a final roster to the Faculty Mentor and Director of College Partnerships.

    * Please note if you have already taken a concurrent enrollment course and completed the application, use the Star ID and password you have already created to register for your class. You only need to complete the application once.

    Watch the Concurrent Enrollment Orientation Video for more information.​

  • Adding, Dropping or Withdrawing from a Class

    Before adding, dropping, or withdrawing from a course, it is highly recommended students meet with their high school counselor. Some high schools require a meeting before students can adjust their class. See your counselor for details.


    Concurrent Enrollment students can add/drop a class through the 15th business day of the class. A drop has no impact on academic standing and will not appear on any transcript.


    Concurrent Enrollment students can withdraw from a course staring the 16th business day of the class, through 80% of the term. Check the online course schedule for the course and click on the course title to view the last day to withdraw or check with your high school instructor. A withdraw can affect your academic standing and will appear as a ‘W’ on your official transcript at Saint Paul College.

  • Policies and Procedures

    Each student is responsible for being familiar with all student rights, responsibilities, and all campus-wide College Policies. Review our Student Manual to help maximize your Concurrent Enrollment experience.

    Students are expected to follow all rules, policies, and procedures that pertain to Saint Paul College students. All of these rules, policies, and procedures are found in the Code of Student Conduct. Please review the Code of Student Conduct.

  • Satisfactory Academic Progress

    Saint Paul College is dedicated to providing all students with the opportunity to reach their educational goals. Students are responsible for maintaining an acceptable level of academic progress. To support their efforts to meet academic standards, students should attend class regularly and actively engage in the learning process. Students are also expected to monitor their own academic progress.

    Federal regulations require that a college develop a standard of satisfactory academic progress. This satisfactory academic progress standard must have both a qualitative standard (grade point average) and a quantitative standard (course completion). Students bear primary responsibility for their own academic progress and for seeking assistance when experiencing academic difficulty. The following standards are used to determine a student’s academic and financial aid standing. Satisfactory Academic Progress is reviewed at the end of the Fall Semester, Spring Semester, and Summer Term of each academic year. ​

    Qualitative Standard

    Students must maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA (a "C" average) for all coursework including withdrawals, incompletes and non-credit courses. For repeated courses, the highest grade achieved will be used for the GPA. Transfer credits do not affect the student’s GPA.

    Quantitative Standard

    Students must complete 67% of the cumulative credits attempted based on their enrollment status. All credits attempted will be calculated into the completion percentage. This includes courses that are designated with a withdrawal, incomplete, non-credit courses and courses that have been repeated. Any coursework that has been accepted as transfer credit toward current program completion will also be included in progress made toward the current program.

  • Continuing at Saint Paul College

    We invite students to continue their post-secondary education at Saint Paul College after completing a concurrent enrollment course and graduating from high school. Saint Paul College offers more than one hundred degree, certificate, and diploma programs in career and transfer education. Students can choose from areas as diverse as welding and culinary arts, or coursework in history or English to transfer to a four-year institution.

    As part of our mission to be one of the most affordable community colleges in St. Paul, not only do we keep our tuition low, but we also offer a wide variety of financial aid options to help finance the cost of an education. Saint Paul College offers a variety of support services and Student Life activities to enhance the educational experience. Reach out to the One Stop team for next steps to continue at Saint Paul College.

  • Transfer Information

    We understand many Saint Paul College Concurrent Enrollment students plan to transfer their Saint Paul College course(s) to another 2-year or 4-year institution.

    You may utilize Transferology. This free website will allow you to search course-by-course to see how classes transfer to numerous colleges and universities, including those institutions outside the state of Minnesota.

    Transferology will only show classes that have been transferred between schools previously and only includes colleges and universities that choose to add their course transfer information to the website. If a school or class is not listed on the Transferology website, there is still a good chance that it will transfer. Please contact your Advisor or the Admissions office at other institutions to determine if the course will transfer. Several colleges and universities also have transfer information posted online in the form of transfer guides or transfer/articulation agreements.

  • Transcript Information

    The transcript serves as the official record of student effort while enrolled at the College. All financial obligations to the College must be met before transcripts are released.

    Please note: If you are transferring to a college or university within the Minnesota State system, they can access your official Saint Paul College transcript free of​ charge as long as there are no holds on your record. There is no need to submit a transcript request.

    You can also view your academic transcript and Degree Audit Report through your eService account.

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