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Monday Move: Getting Formative Feedback from Students

Welcome to ‘Monday Move’, a new feature on our site where you’ll be given a new tip, trick, or teaching move that you can quickly implement in your class.

Instead of depending on unreliable student evaluations at the end of the semester, use one of these moves to solicit feedback during the semester and make improvements on the fly.

  1. Create your own mid-term evaluation survey (On Microsoft Forms or Survey Monkey) with a 5-point scale (I disagree>I somewhat disagree>No opinion>I somewhat agree>I agree) to a few questions such as “The ___ is/was useful.”, “The ___ activity was useful”, and give space for comments. Once you’ve analyzed the responses, discuss them with the class and tweak your instruction as appropriate.
  2. Give your students the sentence starters “I liked…”, “I wish…”, and “What if…?” at the end of an activity or class. Model responses to your students and ask them to share some aloud.

This Monday Move was inspired by “Teachin’ It!” by Felicia Darling. This fantastic book is full of practical advice based on sound theory on how to better teach community college students. We have two copies available in room 3110 for you to check out - come pick one up!

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