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Co-Curricular Assessment


Co-Curricular Learning Outcomes (CCLOs)


Students will be able to communicate clearly in a variety of settings.

Community Involvement

Students will be able to build community through involvement outside the classroom.

Critical Thinking

Students will be able to make informed decisions through critical thinking.

Goal Setting

Students will be able to reach their goals.

Navigating Processes

Students will be able to use resources to navigate processes.


Student learning can occur in all corners of higher education institutions. Gaining a better understanding of the learning that occurs outside of the classroom informs and guides improvements to individual student services and programming. Co-curricular assessment also fosters collaboration opportunities across the institution that are grounded in the student voice, student perspective, and overall student experience.


Each academic year, student services and other co-curricular areas execute their co-curricular assessment plans utilizing a variety of assessment methods that include rubrics, surveys, and quizzes. After collecting learning outcomes assessment data in Fall and Spring semesters, results are evaluated to drive improvements. Learn more from our tools and resources below:

Saint Paul College also co-founded and leads the Minnesota State System Co-Curricular Assessment Community of Practice. Since Summer 2018, this collaborative network has grown rapidly by providing resources, professional development, and partnership opportunities across the state. To get involved or access the toolkit of resources, visit the Teams site.

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