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How do I Record Assessment Data in SPOL?


Saint Paul College is committed to improving student learning through assessment and evaluation of student learning at the co-curricular, course, program, and college levels. AEI provides resources for faculty and staff as we continue to strengthen the College’s culture of assessment.

The tool we use to record and track our assessment of student learning as well as our budgeting and planning goals is here:

SPOL (Strategic Planning Online)


Having a database like SPOL lets us link various assessment measures to classes and keep track of assessments over time. The database is used as a resource for both documenting the work done by students as well as comparing assessment data over time. It allows us to aggregate data from different class assessments and map them to a program learning outcome, or to a college learning outcome.


We offer a variety of guides and tutorials for using SPOL.​ If you are having trouble finding your class in SPOL, or if something is not displaying the proper information.

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