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Saint Paul College A Community & Technical College

​​​​Getting Started FAQ

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​The Academic Effectiveness and Innovation (AEI) department offers numerous workshops, seminars and guest speakers to all FT and PT employees every week. Check the Professional Development calendar for the latest offerings. ​


​Visit One Stop to get your photo taken for your Saint Paul College ID, room 1300.​


​Please contact your Dean.​


​Contact the Human Resource Department in room 1405.​

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Saint Paul College has five ​college-wide learning outcomes that we assess.

Learning Outcomes

​All course learning outcomes listed have been approved by the college's Academic and Standard Council committee (AA&SC).​

Learning Outcomes

​Please look at your program guide to find your program learning outcomes.​

Learning Outcomes
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No, you do not need to follow a specific template; however, there is a coaching syllabus template available if you wish. Saint Paul College policy states that your syllabus must contain the following items:

  • Course title and number
  • Course description
  • Course prerequisites
  • Total credits
  • Lecture/lab breakdown
  • Student Learning Outcomes
  • MnTC Goal Area, if applicable
  • Standards for evaluation
  • Course text and materials
  • Course goals
  • Student contributions
  • Course evaluation
  • Course schedule
  • Course room number and meeting times
  • ADA statement
  • Office Hours
  • College closure information


​The syllabus is the intellectual property of the faculty member; therefore, you are responsible for creating syllabi for the courses you will be teaching based upon institutional Course Learning Outcomes. Check with your colleagues to see if they will share a sample syllabus with you.​


​The AEI department's instructional designer will help you with course design. Visit the AEI team in room 3110 or email aei@saintpaul.edu. AEI also has a full suite of support services for all full-time and part-time faculty.​

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​The D2L Brightspace administrator will help you get set up. Visit IT in room 1470 or submit an IT Service Request. There are additional guides on the Minn State D2L Support Page and drop-in sessions weekly (check the Professional Development calendar).​

D2L Brightspace

D2LBrightspace​ is our learning management system (LMS). You may login with your StarID and password.

D2L Brightspace
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​A faculty member's probationary period lasts six semesters.​

Probationary Checklist

Below is a 4-item checklist of what you need to do to successfully complete your probationary period:

  1. Courses: Please complete the four courses​ before the end of your probationary period. If you have taken courses equivalent to the ones listed, contact the Human Resources department and submit the required documentation for their evaluation.
    • Philosophy of Community and Technical College Education Course
    • Three Teaching and Learning Competency Courses:
      • CRED 410/510 Instructional Strategies for Community and Tech Colleges (2 credits)
      • CRED 420/520 Assessment & Evaluation of Student Learning for Community & Tech Colleges (2 credits)
      • CRED 430/530 Curriculum Planning and Design for Community & Tech Colleges (2 credits)
  2. Classroom Observations: Your Dean will observe you each semester. Make sure you keep a copy of your observations.
  3. Student Survey feedback: Make sure students are evaluating your courses and giving you feedback on your teaching and their learning.
  4. Faculty Professional Development Plan: Faculty Professional Development Plan. You need an active faculty professional development plan on file.
Probationary Checklist
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​Please submit an IT Service Request by selecting Employee Resources and submit a detailed request. For immediate assistance call 651-846-1440 or visit room 1470.​


Contact your Dean and the Care Team​ if you have an issue with a student.


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