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Zoom Basics

Do you want a fast, convenient, and free way to host meetings or classes online? Saint Paul College gives you access to Zoom as a web conferencing tool. You can host meetings, class lectures, or conference calls with audio, video, screen sharing, annotating, chats and more. You can even record the session and have it automatically saved into Kaltura MediaSpace for easy sharing or integration into D2L Brightspace.

Logging In

Every student and employee of Saint Paul College already has an account linked to their Star ID. Log in using the Single Sign On option on Zoom, entering in “minnstate” as the domain and then your Star ID and Password.

How to Log In To Zoom

Check out Zoho Knowledge Base Guides
Advanced Tips for Teaching with Zoom
  1. Set guidelines for proper behavior in class meetings or make them together on the first day!
    • Netiquette/communication standards (sample)
    • Showing respect
    • Purposeful dialogue
    • Giving feedback/asking for help
    • Renaming themselves
    • Commitment from presenters
  2. Use a second device to demonstrate techniques or as a home document cam (see below).
  3. Consider a flipped class to minimize lecture time during live Zoom meetings, saving them for discussion/active learning
  4. Set a standard routine like you would in face-to-face classroom. For example, begin by displaying a prompt while students enter, and end with a reflective question or concept check
  5. Use Zoom tools to get students active:
    • Review Non-verbal feedback/reactions
    • Create polls for live questioning or surveying
    • Offer the chance for students to send you private messages
    • Decide whether you want students to be able to unmute themselves
    • Use Breakout Rooms (think/pair/share)
    • Allow students to use Annotations on slides or whiteboards (but turn it off when you don’t need it!)
    • Use name changes for role-playing discussion
  6. Assign or ask for a volunteer student to become a co-host. They can monitor the chat, mute and unmute students, etc.
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