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​​​​​​​​Stu​dent Life Resources & FAQs

Student Spaces​

Mother’s Lounge
Saint Paul College offers a dedic​ated​ space for faculty, staff and student mothers needing a private space for nursing or expressing. There is a sink, microwave, chair and electricity source. The mother’s room is available during office hours Monday-Friday. To check o​ut a key or for hours of availability please stop by the Student Life Office (Room 1265).

Student Life Boardroom
Room 3297 can be reserved by recognized student clubs and organizations for meetings through the Student Life Office. The room is equipped with a laptop compatible boardroom table, seating for 15, a full media system and available telecom system.


Ad​visor Contrac​t
If you have been approved to be an advisor for a student group, you will need to complete this electronic contract. It describes the expectations and responsibilities of advisors.

Travel R​equest Form
If you’re attending a conference or traveling for any college-related event, please submit a travel request form. You won’t be able to travel without completing this form!

Student Association Funding Request Form
If your student association needs to request funding for an event you are hosting please use this form. The Student Senate Executive Board reviews requests every Friday. This form requires your advisors signature. Please turn the completed form into the Office of Student Life, Room 1265.

Ne​w Student Association Packet​
Everything you need to start a new association in one packet!


​If you have a question and don’t see it listed, please contact Student Life​ or call 651.​84​6.1659.

How do I find a Student Association Advisor?

  • That depends on what kind of student group you want to start. If you were starting a Student Chefs Association, asking faculty in the Culinary Arts Program could be a good start. However, there is no requirement your advisor have a formal connection to the purpose of the student group. They do, however, need to provide positive support and helpful feedback.

What are the responsibilities of a Student Association Advisor?

  • A complete list of responsibilities can be found in the Advisor Contract, however, their essential role is being a resource and guide for the group. They should attend all meetings and assist with setting group goals, planning activities, and act as a sounding board for other ideas or issues that may arise. Student Life has an advisor manual that provide tools for advisors in their efforts to support student groups!

What happens at a General Assembly?

  • The Student Senate President leads a meeting where students can share information, make decisions, or vote on issues relating to students. Student groups provide updates on recent activities and students serving on various college committees or work groups share information and ask for input regarding decisions being made that affect students. A typical meeting lasts for about an hour. See the full schedule here.

How do I start a Student Association?

  • You can start a group by completing the Student Association Registration Form, however, it may be good to discuss your group idea with Student Life staff or a member of the Student Senate Executive Board. They’ll be able to answer any questions you may have about group requirements. Additionally, they’ll be able to help spread the word about your group idea and build interest!

How do I get members to join my Student Association?

  • Many students ask members in their class or program if they’d like to be a part of a student group, especially if the group aligns with your academic focus. Others set up an informational table during busy hours in high traffic areas to connect with students and share information about the student group they’d like to start.

What’s the Student Life Fee?

  • Each college in MnSCU has the ability to collect a Student Life or Activity fee which funds all the activities and initiatives in the Student Life Office. Saint Paul College charges $3.00 per credit, which is one of the lowest activity fees in the MnSCU System!

How do I join Phi Theta Kappa?

  • Phi Theta Kappa is the national honor society for two-year institutions. To be invited to the organization, you must have completed 12 consecutive college credits that count towards an AA, AS, AAS degree or diploma and have a cumulative GPA of 3.50 or higher. Invitations generally come at the beginning of each semester (after grades have been posted from the previous term) and will be sent from Phi Theta Kappa headquarters. Be sure to check you junk folder settings in case your inbox filtered out your invitation. If you have questions about eligibility, please contact Student Life.

Can Senate help me with a class issue or an incident with faculty or staff?

  • If you are making a formal complaint, you’ll need to follow the Complaint and Grievance Process. Please review the steps needed to file your complaint, however, you are encouraged to discuss your concern or complaint with the faculty or staff involved. In many cases, an initial conversation helps parties involved the resolve the incident without having to go through the formal process.

I’m over 21, can I drink at school sponsored trips or events?

  • Saint Paul College’s policy (which is based off of MnSCU Policy 5.18) state that usage of alcohol prohibited at school related functions (either on or off campus). Students are encouraged to fully participate in the conference, competition, or workshops they attend and have positive experiences without alcohol.

Are there any volunteer opportunities?

  • Student Life and Student Senate need student support throughout the year! From Blood Drives to Spring Commencement, there are opportunities throughout the year to assist and help with events and initiatives. Complete the Volunteer Form and share register your availability with the Student Life Office!

How do I register to vote in Minnesota?

  • All information about voting can be found on the Office of Minnesota ​Secretary of State website:​ www.sos.state.mn.us​ 

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