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Welcome to Student Life!

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Student Life

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As students pursue their degree, it is important to remember that college can provide additional opportunities outside of the classroom that can enrich the college experience. 

The Office of Student Life is committed to providing students extracurricular programs, services, and involvement opportunities that enhance their education, personal, and professional development outside of the formal classroom setting. Student Life supports students through three objectives and is committed to:

  1. Building Community through Interaction and Involvement
  2. Fitting life into college can be challenging. Family, work, among the additional external commitments competes with a student’s schedule and priorities. As students transition to Saint Paul College, it is important they feel they matter in their new environment

  3. Helping Students Navigate the College Experience
  4. The decision to attend college is usually followed by questions that add to the excitement (and anxiety) of obtaining a degree. With such a diverse student population, from first generation traditional aged students to returning adult learners, the ability to navigate college is imperative to integration and persistence.

  5. Providing Opportunities for Leadership Exploration and Development
  6. The ability to explore and apply newly acquired knowledge and skills through involvement opportunities can positively impact personal development. As students pursue a degree