Transfer Services FAQ
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Transfer Services FAQ

Transfer Options

What is the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC)?
The Minnesota Transfer Curriculum is briefly outlined on the Associate in Arts page. This curriculum was designed to help standardize General Education requirements, enabling students to transfer from one institution to another without losing credits. Ten goals were developed, based on subject areas or themes. Further information is available at

I am an AS or AAS degree student, what are my transfer options?
An AS has 30 general education credits and an AAS degree has 20 general education requirements. All general education courses will transfer to a four-year college or university. Investigate if your particular program has any articulation agreements. These agreements guarantee acceptance of part or all of your AS or AAS credits. Otherwise, if you transfer to a college or university without an articulation agreements, technical courses are reviewed on a class by class basis. Typically, technical credits do not transfer to a four-year college or university without an articulation agreement.

What is an articulation agreement?
An articulation agreement is an agreement between Saint Paul College and a four-year college or university. This agreement specifies that all or some credits from a particular technical diploma or degree will be accepted towards a specified four-year degree program/major of study is specified.

What are the 20 credits of premajor/elective courses for the AA degree?
Answer: These 20 credits can consist of additional Minnesota Transfer Curriculum courses, other electives college credit courses, or technical credits. Saint Paul College will count up to 20 technical credits taken at Saint Paul College or transferred from a college with a similar program. If the program is unlike a Saint Paul College program, we will count up to 16 technical credits towards electives. If you have not completed technical credits prior to your enrollment in the Associate in Arts program, it may be in your best interest to take additional MnTC or other courses that are fulfilling major/foreign language/math requirements for your Bachelor degree program of choice.

Admissions Process

I want to transfer to Saint Paul College, what is my first step?
See more information regarding transfer to Saint Paul College.

I have international credits, will they transfer?
If you have a transcript from a foreign country that is not in English you must use a third party credit evaluation firm to determine if the institution is considered equivalent to a regionally accredited institution in the U.S. along with a course by course evaluation. Saint Paul College does not evaluate international transcripts. Saint Paul College reserves the right to request additional information from you such as course descriptions, syllabi, etc.

Do I have to take the Accuplacer assessment test?
All students must take the Accuplacer test (Reading, English, & Math) to complete their application to Saint Paul College. The Transfer Center may waive these assessments if you’ve taken the appropriate coursework at a regionally accredited institution.

What if I’ve taken the Accuplacer at another institution?
As long as the institution is regionally accredited and the assessment is less than TWO years old, we are happy to accept an official Accuplacer score report.

What if I took a different assessment test other than the Accuplacer?
Unfortunately, we are unable to use any other assessment test besides the Accuplacer.

Do I need to submit official transcripts?
Yes! If you would like your credits to transfer, we will need your official transcripts from your previous institutions.

Will my ESL courses transfer?
NO! Students also must take the Accuplacer to complete their application.

Will my developmental courses transfer?
Developmental courses will not transfer, but they may be used for waiving the assessment test.